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Tag of the Week: Elf
By Kasaix • 6 months ago • 8 comments

If you're not familiar with our Discord server, we have a weekly 'tag of the week' where people are encouraged to share images that relate to that tag. This week, that tag is 'elf', so here are a few doujins and movies that feature some sexy elves. Be sure to join the discord server and join in on sharing your own elf-themed favorites!

1. Dat Ass by Nuezou

2. The Brown Queen's Otherworld Livelihood by Kobanya Koban

3. Dick Training Quest II Little Hero's Huge Orgy at the Elf Village by Agata

4. Welcome to the Lewd Elf Forest by Aoi Nagisa

Check out the animated adaptation HERE!

5. Elf Student with Teacher

6. Erotic Princess and the Devils Sword