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Should Carole and Tuesday be Lesbians?
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago • 24 comments

Carole & Tuesday was on people radar as soon as they saw that it was being directed by the same man who directed Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy. And with it’s obviously inspired western influence in the way it portrays its setting and characters. But with episode 4, the thing people are going crazy for is the lesbian scene and how they portrayed it in general. This hot take was Tweeted out by YouTuber PedanticRomantic:

I do commend the show for taking this step and showing the lesbians some love, but when things like this happens, sometimes people start taking it out of hand. When you give people an inch, they’ll take a mile. With people now seeing that the show isn’t afraid to show some gay representation, I can already see some people getting up and arms if Carole and Tuesday aren’t together by the end. Now I’m not against any yuri love, but if it’s not done right and feel like it’s just added in to win those lesbian points, I can’t help but hate it. It could end up like the whole Naoto from Persona 4. Naoto is a girl who feels that as a female, she is not taken serious in a male dominated profession. So she decides to disguise herself as a guy. Many people twist this narrative and insist that she’s trans, and give anyone the YIKES if they disagree.

Forcing two girls to be lesbian just to live out your fantasies, now that’s a YIKES!

I would like this show to focus more on the music that these two make together, and the friendship that it help the two find in each other. I don’t really want this show to focus on romance that much in general, gay or straight. But like I said, this opinion can easily change if they handle it right and it makes sense.

Do you think Carole and Tuesday should be gay? Do you want this show to focus on romance? Are you enjoying Carole & Tuesday? Tell us in the comments below.