Shadman Turning People Gay
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 16 comments

I really hate Shad and the way he draws some of his guy characters. His art has a way of pulling me into the gay zone. Unlike traps in doujins, Shad draws his “trap” characters with male features, and I’m not just talking about the dick. While traps in hentai most of the time just look like girls with a dick, Shad’s traps still have many guy features like body hair and a strong jaw. But surprisingly, he’s still able to pull it off and make it look hot, without me feeling gay. :D

With a comic that I feel like was suppose to be a one off, becoming something more. It’s about an emo guy exploring the world of trap hood. It was a great one off, but I’m happy that Shad is taking this comic to the long haul.

Also, I never thought I would consider Reaper sexy, but Shad quickly changed my mind on that.

Did Shad turn you gay? Are you enjoying Shad’s new comic? DId Shad make Reaper hot? Tell us in the comments below.