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Serie Is My New Elf Waifu
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

Keep the Frieren: Beyond Journey's End porn coming, the same way they keep the waifus coming. Elfs are the flavor of this season, and the hot elfs' roaster keeps growing. Frieren is going to have some competition when it comes to being the best elf of her series. Cause an even older GILF, Serie, has just been introduced.

If you’re into girls with long blonde hair, she’s already a winner for you. But what I like most about her is her lazy eyes, and smug face. She has such a chill, yet dangerous vibe about her. When she talks and presents herself, I can’t tell if she’s good or evil. I’m interested to see her get more screen time and to learn more about her, the same way I bet you guys are interested in seeing some lewds of her.

I wrote this article before her English dub voice has been revealed yet, and I’m wondering if her voice is going to blow up as much as Frieren and Ubel’s English voices have. Maybe not, but I am interested to see what people think about it.

Please give her a smug voice.

What do you think of Serie? Do you think she’s the hottest elf in the show? Do you think elves are hot? Tell us in the comments.