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Newgrounds Works to Preserve Old Flash Games
By Kasaix • 5 months ago • 11 comments

Adobe plans to drop support for Flash by the end of 2020, and an era will come to an end. A lot of our earliest faps/schlicks were to Flash games. You see that header above? Classic hentai game. Newgrounds, an empire built on Flash, is taking steps to ensure that Flash-native projects will still be playable, allowing us to cling to that bygone era.

In a blog post titled Flash Emulation & Brave BAT by TomFulp, the creator of Newgrounds, a plan is outlined to use Ruffle to convert Flash with Ruffle's own code. 

"Ruffle is being written in the Rust programming language and targets desktop and the web using Web Assembly. The project is open source and contributors are now coming aboard, which is exciting! There is even work being done to create a browser extension that detects old Flash embed code and swaps it with Ruffle, meaning you could visit any old website and the Flash will (eventually) just WORK."

You can read the whole post HERE, and it's well worth a read. A lot of effort is going into preserving the old projects that built Newgrounds and started the online content creator scene that we enjoy today.