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Naidong's Cumbie Is Added To Sacred Sword Princesses
By WakeUpSnooze • 5 months ago • 4 comments

We were asked to share some news from Nutaku.

Earlier this week on August 14, Nutaku announced that their free to play title Sacred Sword Princesses received an update that adds a new character into the game. They partnered with the famous anime illustrator Naidong to bring one of his creations, Cumbie, into the game. Cumbie was initially released in late 2018 and since then has been seen in both the worlds of cosplay and figurines.

Naidong himself commented on the update saying: 

“I’ve designed a number of characters for non-adult games. However, some of the best essences can only be incorporated into 18+ games. Cumbie is a very sly character. I wasn’t expecting so much hype around it; I just created what I wanted. Now I am glad that fans love it.”

-Character Artist Naidong

Yeah, you look the type.

To be honest I just included this one for your viewing pleasure.

Sacred Sword Princesses is a free-to-play action adventure game that’s available for both your browser and Android devices. The game is fully voiced (you know that’s my shit) and makes use of Live 2D technology to make the anime characters seem more alive than ever before. Take it head to head in PVP or work toward completing the fifty hour storyline. 

I recently played and reviewed a game called Sacred Sword Sweeties on the site, but please keep in mind that the gameplay here is entirely different. In Sacred Sword Princesses, you can directly control your characters and what skills they use with the mouse (or by tapping on Android) in a more traditional action game style. By the way, this isn’t a review article but I did enjoy this title’s more hands-on gameplay approach to combat so if the card system of Sacred Sword Sweeties turned you off, you may find this more enjoyable.

Need more information? Check out our in-depth look at the game here.

Ready to jump in and play for free? Head on over to the game page.

Is Cumbie on track to make you cum? Are you gonna try it out? Leave your thoughts on cum...bie in the comments below!