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A Review of Sacred Sword Sweeties
By WakeUpSnooze • 11 months ago

Nutaku asked us to take a look at this game, and here's our opinion.

Break out the sacred swords and the holy cheeses because we’re getting spiritual in this bitch. After my last review I had to take a break to pray and work on reclaiming my spot in purgatory. Heaven is a lost cause at this point and I’m not trying to end up burning in hell forever with most doujin readers. What better way to get my bless up than a journey using divine power to fight monsters?

Sacred Sword Sweeties is an action adventure game developed by HOPE and published by none other than Nutaku themselves. It was released about a month ago on July 2, 2019 and is available for both Android and PC. Despite the desktop functionality it definitely is formatted like a mobile game, so that means it’s free baby. For the purpose of this review I played it on my computer because my phone is a brick with a screen on it.


What can I say, I like the artstyle. Or perhaps I should say the outfits and character designs as I appreciated that none of the Vessels (the girls) looked too similar. The art really shined during the sex for me, and before I say anything else we have animation in the building. Sex animation that’s smooth as fuck I might add. I’ll talk more about that later but figured I should comment on the fluidity of it here. As for the music most tracks left me indifferent, say for two. The main battle theme (not the boss theme mind you) was very catchy to me and did a nice job of pumping me up to slay some monsters. In contrast, the somber piano tune that plays during depressing or touching moments brought me down. I don’t remember much of the other tracks but I’d say being able to hype up your players and make them feel empathetic are two of the most important places where music should shine so props for that.

What can I say? I have that effect on people.


First of all, I ran the game on “Very High” graphics settings pretty smoothly and my laptop can be a real toaster sometimes so I was happy with that. The gameplay itself utilizes a 3D chibi art style pictured below. You are in control of Vessels and Souls. Vessels are the main girls that you can see on the battlefield fighting. Souls are cards that you click on to allow said Vessels to unleash powerful skills. You can’t directly influence the Vessels outside of what cards you pick as they’re pretty much on autopilot. Your job is to constantly be assessing the battlefield for enemies, buffs, debuffs, positioning, etc. and picking the best skills for the job. You can only choose so many cards at a time before having to wait for your meter to fill back up. In the beginning I found this to be pretty boring, but once things ramped up and the number of enemies increased, their positioning grew more strategic, and bosses had individuals weaknesses and strengths then I became appreciative of the extra time to think. Overall the gampeplay kept me engaged enough for a free title. As for the writing, it really shines with character interactions. Whenever the game dropped a lore bomb about spirits, divine powers, sacred rituals, and all that jazz I lost interest. Yet when simple conversations arose I’d enjoy some of the comedic and bonding moments.

Just wait for my trap card to show up bitch.

The Sex

Okay, real shit time. Playing this game you unlock a sex scene with Japanese voice acting and animation within like five minutes. Hello? Hell yes! I’ll be the first to complain when a sex game barely delivers on the sex but there’s no evidence of that here. And man not only is that animation smooth as I aforementioned, but it speeds up depending on the context of the scene and includes climaxing. Now multiply that by four, and that’s what you unlock in the first hour of playing. Fucking what? This game has already given me more in the first hour than some games costing $10 do in their whole lifespan. To top it off, I was able to unlock a fifth scene after a few days of casual playing (20 minutes or so a day). The only negative I’d say is that the sex writing is VERY description heavy. I myself lean towards dialogue but can always tolerate a 50/50 split, however these scenes are more 70/30. Regardless that’s a subjective preference for you to be aware of and decide for yourself.

Uh...I've never heard anyone use 'comfortable' in this context in my entire life.

Offering a neat gameplay setup coupled with animated sex scenes for the price of nothing instantly earns you a high place in my book. If you’re a mobile game person or just like the art and want to fuck some of these girls, by all means, hit that download button.

TLDR; My sacred sword was thoroughly blessed by the free sex content, 4/5

Will you be trying this game out? See a game on Nutaku that you want reviewed? Send me your divine energy in the comments below.