Myne is the Absolute Worst Girl of the Year
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 35 comments

I am still loving the heck out of The Rise of the Shield Hero, and hoping to see it get a season 2 after this season is over. None of that “read the light novel” ending crap. You know your boy can’t read real books. Why the hell you think I watch anime? But even though I love the show, it’s still so hard to watch, and it’s not because the show is bad. But because everytime I see an episode with Myne, I want to fucking kill myself!

Dumb, stupid bitch

I don’t think I’ve seen a character that I hated so much in awhile. It’s hard to describe my feelings towards her. I’ve seen many villains do cruel and untickable things, but for some reason, Myne seems to top all of them. With firstly getting Shield Hero falsely accused of rape, and then trying her best to ruin Shield Hero and crews day ever turn she gets. It doesn’t make it better that she even tries to kill her own little sister. I feel like it’s not just that, but how she manipulate everyone else around her. Everytime I hear Spear Hero utter one of her lies out loud, I want to strangle him a say “ARE YOU A FUCKING IDIOT!!!”

"I just follow the pussy"

And it’s not just me who believe that she’s worst girl, this is a general consensus. When you have memes coming out about how shit of a character she is, you know you have a true villain on your hand.

I don’t think I’ll be seeing any character be more hated than Myne as this year goes on. I could be wrong, but you’ll have to do a pretty good job to make me hate someone more than her. I think it’s okay to say that I wouldn’t mind seeing Myne get raped!...what...too soon?

Do you think Myne will be worst character of the year? Do you know a character that you hate more than Myne? Should Myne get raped? Tell us in the comments below.