Most Enraging Netorare Series (according to the angry comments...)
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 29 comments

Usually businessmen try to produce products that will make their customers happy; movies that pander to audiences and end with a happy good-feeling. But this isn't business; this is fucking art, hentai art. And we're hentai artists, hentai artists with the 'don't like my product? well then fuck you' attitude. Once in a while one of these rogue artists decides he doesn't want to make his readers happy; he wants to piss them off. He wants to piss the fuck out of them. For fun. Netorare was born.

But how do you troll your own readers? Easy. Get them to empathize and identify with a male character. Then make that male character a pussy-ass bitch who watches as some fat ugly dude rapes the women he loves. Then end the story. No revenge-murder happy ending, just a sobbing little bitch curled up in a ball. Ouch. This sub-genre is called Netorare. And it really pisses people off. But we asked ourselves; if we wanted to torture our enemies with hentai, what netorare storeis should we force them to read? This is what we came up with.


1. PM Ch. 28-32 by Studio Parm

Ore no Imouto, an anime series that disappointed everyone with its ending. So it's no surprise that a manga series about Kyousuke's father raping damn near every single female character in the series (minus Saori) and it seems to have struck quite a nerve in the comments section. Particularly in the case of Manami.

Best Enraged Comment:
"Oh, trust me, if her aniki does finds out, he's going to do more than kill him. He would one grab the old man by his dick, stretch it up, taking a nice butcher knife, and put it in the fucking oven, right? Put it in the oven and get it nice and red, nice and red, yeah, just like he likes it. Take his dick, fucking chop it in half, very fucking slow, and record the bastard, screaming, record it, yes! Pull his fucking dick off, put it on the air freshener, wrap a burrita around it, stick it in the toilet, meet it halfway in the sewer system, pull it out AND FUCK HIS ASS AND MAKE A FUCKING RINGTONE OUT OF IT!!!"

 2. Melancholy Princess Ch. 1-4 by Kaientai

Oh gee, hypnosis, the McDonalds of NTR starters: bland and completely lackluster. Usually I would've chucked a series involving this straight into the bin with the others that didn't make this list, but this series, much like the one above, really hit home for some fans of the series with how each of the girls in this series one by one becoming enslaved instead of calling the cops.

Best Enraged Comment:
"Although I'm not really a big fan of Haruhi or sex slave doujins, I actually was left with a bad aftertaste as I saw far this series will take to deprave the great Haruhi and her female friends. I'm actually raging over this, that Tanaguchi the hypno man, is reason enough that I will use my Vergil Sparda abilities to make him take a bottle of bleach, force his dick into it, make him shit blood into it, melt it, then FUCK HIS ASS WITH IT!!!"

3. Bug by Nagare Ippon 

Talk about a case study for Hentai Logic. For 3 chapters we watch the girlfriend of the main character slowly descend into being a willing slave....for some reason. Every action and bit of story movement all comes back to those three words, "for some reason". But sitting through it REALLY pissed off a lot of people, and for good reason, though the ending has a pretty good twist.

Best Enraged Comment:

"U know that's really unrealistic (i know, manga) but if he was real or the autor had put him some balls, he'd go and kill everybody instead of beeing a fag staying in a damn park until 9p.m.. Damn netorare characters i mean the only thing they do after findig out (usually just to watch em) is cry an being sentimental at a grade they just demonstrate how useless they are ,in the first rape there would be a murder but at the post ho'rization anyone would kill the girl that how anyone with 2 balls and 3 neurons would've reacte. (blame the douchebags for the bad history, but the main character for the crappy ending)"


 4. Netoraregatari by Yuunabe Shinkouchuu

This series confused the hell out of me. I've read it twice and I still don't get a) why and b) how. I mean I thought Bug was a case study in Hentai Logic, but this one may just set the standard for arbitrary reasons as for a love interest to willingly subject themselves to [-everything that happens in these kinds of situations here-] and it's left no shortage of enraged ferocity in the comments section.

Best Enraged Comment:
"In that case how about i beat you into near death, and drag you to the police, and explaine the whole situation so that they can deal with the website. Then when they see the site, aside from arresting you they can track the ip addresses of everyone who runs/logs into that site, arresting not just you but everyone who ran/visited the site hosting illegal materials, causing an overall drop in your credibility, and a long term decrease in the people who'll buy your products/services as well as the resulting revinue from sad customers. Id say thats a pretty but net loss, wouldn't you? (Joke ran is long for in character purposes. Think that would dissuade him? Or can you think of an appropriate jk responce for Kaiki? Lol)"


 5. Present by sakura akami

Guy is in love with his girl, girl looks to be indifferent and when she brings him home to meet her father, we see why and you as the reader can see why there's such seething hatred in the comments. As much as I'd love to spoil why that is here in the description, I'd rather not spoil something so enraging.

 Best Enraged Comment:
"So he just sits there crying like a bitch and watches? Well at least he has his priorities in check."

 Runner Up: Mayo Tama by Takeda Hiromitsu

Now this particular doujin is in the runner up spot because it wasn't enraging people the way you'd expect an NTR doujin to enrage someone, but because of the fact that the antagonist / rapist is a fat guy hogging up most of the screen and the comments making mention of that nearly every page.

 Best Enraged Comment:
"How the fuck am I supposed to fap to this? I can't even see anything anymore. Random-fat-ass guy here just gets in the way of everything. Dammit...
HEY! IN THE FRONT! MOVE IT! *eats some movie popcorn*"

What Netorare doujin or h-manga do you hate the most? Please leave us your most outrageous hateful comments in the comment section below! Maybe we'll even do another Netorare article if we can stomach it.