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Madhouse Is Going Mad With Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

I feel like as time passes, we forget about some of the great anime studios that used to present us with banger series, with banging animation. The animation studios that people praise nowadays are MAPPA, Ufotable, and Bones. Those are the big three right now. But back in the day, people used to have high praise for an anime studio that goes by the name of Madhouse. But the last time I heard people popping off about Madhouse was Hunter x Hunter 2011.

Until now, with their latest series Frieren: Beyond Journey's End. And with episode 9, Madhouse reminded everyone why they were considered one of the GOATs back in the day.

People were already hyping up Frieren, and with Madhouse at the helm, I'm pretty sure it will be in good hands for its whole 28 episode run. It’s been such a great show from story, to the characters, to the whole animation. Hopefully Madhouse isn’t killing their animators like MAPPA is to get this kind of quality.

It’s always great when a great studio handles a great manga. Unlike when a not so great studio picks up a great manga cough cough, Berzerk, cough cough. But luckily, fans of Frieren are lucky, and shouldn’t worry about getting an adaptation they deserve. Now let’s just hope Solo Leveling fans get the adaptation they want.

Don't fuck it up A-1.

Are you watching Frieren: Beyond Journey's End? Do you think Madhouse is one of the greats? Do you think Madhouse is doing the series justice? Tell us in the comments.