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Let's Rent-A-Sexfriend
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 weeks ago

The first rule of Rent-A-Girlfriend is no physical or sexual contact with the customer. A pretty simple rule and easy rule to follow. Unless that customer offers you a shit ton of money. Chizuru is a professional when it comes to being a Rent-A-Girlfriend, but even she can’t refuse giving away her fat ass for a fat sack of cash.  You might not like Rent-A-Girlfriend for its story, but the girls are hot enough, hot enough for Ruby to create a banging audio for you all.


With more audios to come, you can donate to her Patreon for this audio and more upcoming goodies.

What did you think of the audio? Would you like to Rent-A-Sexfriend? What character would you like to hear Ruby voice next? Tell us in the comments.