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Stellar Blade Is More Than Just Sexy
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

The Stellar Blade demo has ACTUALLY been released, and I have to say, this game is way more fun than I thought it would be. Maybe that’s because I thought it would play more close to Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, but no, it plays more close to Sekiro and Lies of P. Two games I absolutely love. A game I thought it wasn’t even going to get at first, has just become a game I think I’m going to get on day one.

I did die a few times in the demo, but it’s definitely not as hard as a souls-like game, but you def can’t just button mash your way to victory. I was playing on normal mode, so hard mode might actually give me that souls-like experience.

But you already know, with the demo getting out, more people have been able to get their hands on the game, and complain about it. But not about the things that really matter, like if it had bad gameplay or graphics.

Now this is the funny thing, while playing the game, even though yes, Eve, wears a skin tight outfit and is very sexy, I didn’t even really notice. Yeah, she might have two huge bazookas on her chest, but I was more interested in the huge sword she was swinging around and parrying monsters attack with.

This just shows that some gamers and journalists just try their best to point out things that don't even matter. The developers don’t even put real focus on Eve’s body, she is just a sexy girl. It doesn’t even feel like she’s being sexualized. But I feel like the perverted readers of already know that. So ignore the journalist haters, and go check out the Stellar Blade demo.

Have you played the Steller Blade demo? Are you going to get this game? Do you think people want to complain for no reason? Tell us in the comments.