Kunoichi 3 Is Coming Soon
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago • 9 comments

Studio Fow is always pumping out great 3D porn videos for us, and one of their biggest project is about to release its third entrie, Kunoichi 3. Here’s a summary:

The last remaining member of the once proud Mugen Tenshin clan, Ayane, stands alone amidst the rubble of Tokyo. With hellspawn converging around her, she has to fight not only the demonic forces but her own flesh and blood, now corrupted beyond redemption. Ayane's former clan-members will stop at nothing to capture her in order to complete the darkest of ancient rituals...creating a new heir for the legendary Queen of Blood, Elizébet.

I’ve watched a lot of Studio Fow’s videos, but I have never watched any of the Kunoichi series.. But if I was ever thinking about catching up with the series, a perfect place to check out is Hnetai0, where you can watch  Kunoichi - 01: Broken Princess and Kunoichi - 02: Fall of the Shrinemaiden.

On Studio Fow’s upcoming page, you’ll see that Project Snow is 80% done while Kunoichi 3 is 70% done, that means we may be getting Project Snow before Kunoichi 3. I wonder what Project Snow could be? Have there been any snow oriented 3D games recently?

Are you excited for Kunoichi 3? Have you watched the other Kunoichi's? What do you think Project Snow is? Tell us in the comments below.