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Judge Doesn't Know What Rape Is?
By ImJustThatKinky • 4 months ago • 30 comments

People say that us anime fans that watch hentai or read doujins with rape in them are the scum of the earth. Listen, rape is fucked up, but we’re atleast smart enough to know that it’s wrong in real life and only view it in a fantasy setting. But this judge, who let a rapist off with a small penalty, doesn’t even know what rape is. This is his definition of rape:


He said “the traditional case of rape” generally involved two or more males using a gun or weapon ro corner a victim into an abandoned house, shed or shack, “and just simply taking advantage of the person as well asbeating the person, threatening the person.”

So I guess all the doujins on this site that has one guy forcing himself onto a girl need the rape tag removed. When I see things like this it honestly scares me. We have this man who dictates whether we go to prison or not, not even knowing what rape is. He believes that if a guy is raping a girl in the privacy of his own home and not in a abandoned warehouse, then it’s not rape? Who made this guy a judge! With hentai logic like that, he’d make a perfect hentai villain.

Judge, I find you GUILTY!!! Of being a complete retard.


Do you agree with the judge’s definition of rape? Would you want to be judged by him? Do you enjoy rape doujin or hentai? Tell us in the comments.