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Kotaku Accuses Nintendo of Using an Offensive Slur
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Kotaku is at it again, doing dumb shit. While everyone else is enjoying the release of Joker in Smash, Kotaku is enjoying their dumb concept of calling Nintendo out for using a disability slur.

The slur that is said to be heard by writer Laura Kate Dale was “retarded”. This slur is supposedly in the song Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There lyrics. To make this claim clear, she even link to the video for others to hear it for themselves at 1:47.

Now this isn’t uncommon. When someone has accent and try to use words that are foreign to them, it’s easy to understand that they might stumble on the pronunciation here and there. Remember when everyone heard Grimmjow from Bleach say “easy nigga”?

Her article could have been forgive in my eyes if it was just an article pointing out how it sounds like the song is saying “retarded” like a kind of joke article, but no, it’s serious. Not one mention of how they could have misheard it, just stating that the song is says it. Why would someone think that Nintendo would purposely put that in their game. Anyone with a brain could just think to themselves and say, “Huh? The song sound like it’s saying retarded, but I doubt they’d actually put that in the song.” But okay. Everything could be resolved if she just comes out and explain herself.

Well everyone, I guess I’ll end this article off with some words of advice. Don’t be retarded, and think before you write a dumb article.

Maybe I should take my own advice XD

Do you think the singer said “retarded”? Was Laura article retarded? Was my article retarded? Tell us in the comments below.