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Konami Announces Their Own Anime Studio
By WakeUpSnooze • 3 weeks ago

Move over everyone, there’s a new animation studio in town. Equipped with the incredibly creative name of Konami Animation, the card game giant has entered the industry with a debut trailer celebrating 25 years of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Feel old yet? The short features a variety of iconic monsters and decks from years long ago and more recent additions to the card game. As a somewhat frequent player of Master Duel I couldn’t help but smile seeing so many different card types be represented in this format. Any fellow duelists in the crowd, feel free to check it out yourself:

With the establishment of this new studio, fans in the comments appear to be hoping for more animated content like this surrounding Yu-Gi-Oh! in more of a lore-focused approach. I’m in the same boat with them. I stopped watching the anime after 5D’s once we started dueling in space with somehow even wilder hairstyles in Zexal and beyond. Motorcycles were enough for me. Plus I simply got older and aged out of the target demographic. However, producing some anime or even mere short videos that focus more on the actual lore of the cards and where their inspiration came from would be awesome in my eyes. It would build up hype to me in the same way that League of Legends promotional videos make the game look actually playable. While the OCG side of things is clearly the main focus surrounding this announcement, Konami also stated to expect other properties in their lineup to receive some animated content. Eventually, they plan to tackle new IP as well. I’d imagine it’d be a long while before that happens though. For now I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more card-focused content with perhaps a Silent Hill or Metal Gear promo video mixed in for some variety. 

Hopefully they continue to do something with this studio so that it isn’t forgotten about in a year’s time. Lord knows Konami owns enough material and properties to work with. While we’re at it, may as well open up Konami Hentai, right? I dare to dream. Do you play any games from Konami properties? Are you excited to see what they create? What series would you want to see receive promo animations? Build your deck, grab a duel disk, and banish your opponents to the shadow realm in the comments below!