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Kinkymation's Twitch Streams are Fun
By Kasaix • 5 months ago • 1 comments

You fine people in the Doujin Army remember Kinkymation, right? Friend of the site, friend of mine, all around talented artist and incredible person. I've interviewed her about a year ago, seen HERE, and a joke article about yaoi HERE. We've spoke more than that, but those are great articles. 

Kinkymation has taken to Twitch to broadcast her work. She draws pictures there, a fun time to be sure. Lately she's been making a series of human form Pokemon girls, which works out well with this week's tag.

However, she also plays videogames. Recently, she's played Minecraft, and she's pretty good at it. You can take a look at her Twitch channel HERE. The crowd there is super cool. I was even gifted a sub and a number of emotes. It's a fun time, whether you want to watch an artist at work or an artist at play.