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Kinks are Weird and Don't Make Sense
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago

I’m starting to think that people are getting a little too kinky nowadays. I remember the days when anal and footjobs were the weird kinks, but you learn that you haven’t even scratched the bottom of the barrel yet. The more and more porn you see, the more you learn that people are into some weird and unusual stuff. 

Now, no kink shaming here, but I was weirded out when I learned that people had farting and burping fetishes. There are some kinks that no matter how much I try to think about it, I could never understand the appeal to them. Do you like the smell? The sound? The place it’s coming out of? I would love to talk to someone with these fetishes so I could understand the inner workings of their minds. I also saw that some people have a fetish for what?!

Oh SHIT...I hope farts are the only thing coming out of that ass? O.O

And then you have the fetishes that people like, but are close to humanly possible to do in real life, like vore and inflation. These are two kinks I also can’t understand. How can someone get off at the thought of being eaten? Or by the sight of someone growing bigger and bigger? There all weird kinks in my mind and I can’t possibly understand the appeal of them.

Not big enough! I need bigger!

But like I said, not kink shaming. We all have weird kinks that we might not be proud of, or not willing to admit because we’re afraid of being judged. I know I have a few to weird for TV kinks that you may have read me talking about if you frequent my articles. So don’t worry weirdos, you’re not the only one with weird ass kinks. We’re all freaks.

Do you have weird kinks that you’re afraid to admit? Do understand the burping or farting kinks? Do you understand the vore or inflation kinks? Tell us in the comments below.