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Have Fun With Your Friend's Dangerous Sister
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago

I’m not sure how many of us have a sister, but I would think we already know that it would be bad to fuck her in real life. Now it’s all fun and games in hentai, but in real life, that shit has some real consequences. But in both hentai and rea life, it’s okay to have sex with your friend's sister right? Lynte has dropped another English NSFW audio drama, and it involves your friend's sister spending some alone time with you.

Voiced by the lovely Ko Clover, this girl, Ray,  will use you and keep you all to herself. The way she talks and teases you will put you in a trance. I totally enjoyed her forcing me to hold everything in, just so I can have the chance of winning something even better. That’s always a huge turn on. You’ll be spending time with this girl in three different ways. On the couch, on the phone, and on her bed. 

1: On The Couch

- While you're sleeping over at your friend’s place, his big sis Ray inadvertently wakes you on her midnight snacking run... You decide to keep her company for a while. And you help each other get back to sleep with some naughty methods.

- Play: Endurance Handjob, Blowjob, Oral Cumshot

2: On The Phone

- The following night, you call her up and reminisce about the sleepover. She also opens up more about herself. On her suggestion, you two have some nice adult fun together on the phone.

- Play: Mutual Masturbation, Phone Sex

3: On Her Bed

- Upon her invitation, you visit her place and her room. Well, you can already see where this is going...♪

- Play: Handjob, Fingering, Raw Creampie Sex

If you want to experience this product yourself, you can purchase it over on DLSite.

Would you fuck your friend's sister? Would you have sex with your sister? Do you buy NSFW audio? Tell us in the comments.