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Girl Rape is...Kinda Hot?
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago • 30 comments

Now, before the dumbasses that don’t understand the difference between fantasy and reality leave a comment. Yes, rape is bad, we all know that. And yes, girls can rape guys. But today, we’re talking about doujins, so if you’re too dumb to understand the difference, I advise you to leave this article before you are triggered and watch some Dora the Explorer.

Do you know how to say dumbass in Spanish?

Now that the children are gone...I want to be raped by a girl...okay, maybe that wasn’t the best ice breaker for this article. The point is, I just got done reading a doujin call Betrayal, and let me say, for something about rape, it wasn’t that violent. The one getting raped in this doujin is the guy for a change. And you might be wondering, “The girl is hot as fuck. How could she possiblely rape him?” Well, how about forcing him to put a baby in her.

Now don’t feel too bad for the guy. The reason she’s doing this is because he molested her. I’m not sure if fucking him and forcing him to put a baby in you is the best form of revenge, maybe taking him to prison would be better, but hey, who the hell am I. Like with most fantasies, I wouldn’t want this to happen to me in real life, but damn if it isn’t hot in doujin. A girl furiously riding me, trying to force my cum deep inside her womb, while I try my hardest not to cum. It’s a risky game that gets the blood pumping. The idea of that is super hot, but in real life, I’ll be panicking like a little bitch.

The thought of someone forcing you to impregnate them is scary as hell, cause once that girl is pregnant, that baby is now yours, and I wouldn’t want to force her to abort it. In real life, this kind of predicament would be a tragedy. But luckily we’re talking about doujin, so it can stay hot and no one actually gets hurt in the end.

What do you think about girl raping the guy in doujins? Do you think force impregnation is hot? Would you rather a girl force you to impregnate her, or take you to jail? Tell us in the comments.