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Geek Speed Dating? Where Can I Sign Up!
By ImJustThatKinky • 4 months ago • 13 comments

This is something for all us weeaboos to look out for. Geek Speed Dating is a group who go to different conventions and try to help lonely loser like us find love.

Now I truly want to go to this little event because, let's face it, I'm a scared little loser when it comes to randomly talking to girls. If I have an event that puts me in a position where the point is for the both of us to talk to one other, I don’t feel like I’m bothering them or taking up their time. Also, if you ever had the fear that she wouldn’t be interested in anime or anything nerdy, well this completely takes that fear away. Sure, that still doesn’t mean she’ll be into the same geeky things that you’re into, but she’ll at least enjoy something geeky.

Wait, you're not telling me one of these goobers is dating that 18! If so, then this Geek Speed Dating thing is amazing!

Now my only fear coming into this event, and this might sound a little shallow, but it’s the people showing up. First, I feel like it’ll be a complete sausage feast. Mostly guys overwhelming the number of girls. Now this doesn’t mean you still can’t get a date at the end of the day, but it makes your chances slimmer. And second, the girls there might not be the prettiest. Hey, I’m not saying I'm Gray from Fairy Tail over here, but if you’re cute and a nerd, then how the hell are you single! Maybe she just haven’t found mister right, and figured this would be the perfect place to. Well lucky for her, mister right is right here :D!

"Hey...what's up."

Have you ever tried speed dating? What’s the likelihood of this working? Are you single and lonely? Tell us in the comments.