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Audio Doujins: A Naughty Lesson With Midnight and Mount Lady
By ImJustThatKinky • 11 months ago • 6 comments

I can’t handle how much sexieness is in this one doujin. Two hot, horny, mature, and voluptuous super women, who just want some good dick. Also, did I mention that they’re FUTAS! Man, I wish I was Deku ;). Midnight and Mount Lady are some of the hottest ladies in Boku no Hero, so it’s great to be seeing them together.  Thank you to Dorn and Jordan for their amazing Midnight and Mount Lady, they fucking rocked it! And another huge shout out to Waterproof Pigeon for the great doujin. I hope to dub more of his thicc futa women greatness.

Off-Duty Heroes

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Midnight and Mineta voiced by Dorn

Mount Lady voiced by Jordan

Would you like to see more of Waterproof Pigeon’s doujins dubbed? Did Dorn and Jordan do a good job as Midnight and Mount Lady? Why is Dorn’s Mineta so good O.O? Tell us in the comments below.