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From Russia With Love
By Pr0nShark2 • 2 years ago

These days it’s hard to see a headline about Russia without feeling that sick feeling of dread and political exhaustion creeping in, but rest assured, this article has nothing to do with collusion, hacking, the FBI or any of the political embarrassments that divide us—this is an article about what unites us. Namely, fantasizing about hot, fictional waifus we can never actually touch. When it comes to making filthy fantasies about fictional females a reality, an underground star has emerged from Russia, creating some of the most iconic “Adult” themed hentai games and comics derived from American pop culture. That underrated hero goes by the name Akabur.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Akabur from half a world away through the miracle of modern technology. Akabur’s journey into erotic artistry began “[w]hen [he] was still a kid,” like so many aspiring smut connoisseurs when “a friend of mine told me about seeing some naughty pictures on his brother's computer.” Like so many of us, young Akabur wanted to know just how deep the rabbit hole went. “When I asked him what kind of naughty pictures they were he said: ‘All kinds... There even was this one pic where Jasmine was having sex with Iago.’” While some might have been repulsed by the idea of parrot on princess beastiality, Akabur was inspired. “I remember how much of an impact that information had on my young brain... I think that moment just jump-started my puberty. Couple days later I started working on my first naughty drawing which (of course) featured princess Jasmine and Iago.”



Though it’s clear that Akabur has grown as an artist by leaps and bounds, he’s remained true to his roots, immortalizing his sexual fascination with Princess Jasmine in his first game. “[M]y first game was ‘Magic Shop’,” Akabur explained, a fun little romp through Agrabah starring Genie disguised as a well-endowed human who Princess Jasmine contracts to help her enlarge her breasts, with some unexpected (and sexy) side-effects in the pursuit of a bigger bust for the princess.


Even as his skills continued to develop and his taste in unattainable waifus evolved, something about Genie as his protagonist clicked with our hero and a new paradigm of perversion was spawned. As his list of titles (and targets) grew, Genie remained front and center on all his titles, developing as a character and also compiling quite an impressive hit list of sexual conquests. “[S]ince Magic Shop spawned both Witch Trainer and Princess Trainer that explains [Genie] being the lead there as well... Also by now Genie being the star of all my adventures sort of became an inside joke along with my hooded avatar and Lola.”



Akabur scored his biggest international hit when he turned his sights on Hermione Granger and injected Genie into Hogwarts where he conspires with Snape to mind-break the mouthy, opinionated heroine into a shameless, subservient slut for the whole campus in exchange for house points in Witch Trainer. This game, in particular tapped into an underserved demand in Rule 34 culture, by exploiting “the best thing to come out of Emma Watson’s acting career.”


Witch Trainer’s popularity opened up new audiences for Akabur, catching the attention of YouTube gamer PuritySin, who began posting detailed play-through videos of Akabur’s games onto YouTube and PornHub, exposing his work to an even wider audience. “PuritySin, right... She used to be a simple American girl, but I corrupted her very soul with my Russian magic :) “. Joking aside, these two have been undeniably good for one another, “I just like to watch her play-through vids of my games since it gives me a rare opportunity to see how a person (and a girl at that) reacts to certain parts of the game… seeing someone actually experiencing my work from start to finish is a rare treat. And some of my subscribers come and play my games and some of my fans come and watch her play-throughs, so everyone is happy.  (And satisfied #^_^#).”



Like all great geniuses, Akabur wasn’t content with his success to that point and just recently released the second chapter of his Sci-Fi epic, Star Channel 34. "’Distant future. Humanity fights a losing battle against an enemy they have no hope of defeating. The Terran fleet command sanctions a secret operation in a final attempt to change the tide of war...’ And that's where our heroes come in, and a lot of funny banter and nudity starts.” In this fight to change the tide of war, Genie needs to systematically corrupt Princess Jasmine, Ashelin Praxis (Jak and Daxter), Hermione Granger and the ship’s A.I. system L.O.L.A. so as to create compelling programming for an audience of apparently pervy, intergalactic viewers.


When asked what fans could expect from the second chapter of Star Channel 34, Akabur didn’t mince words. “Well, this is simple. More events, more costumes, and more girls for course.”



Though Akabur already has his sights set on bringing chapter 3 of S.C.34 into the world, he admits that it may be time for a pivot, now that the second chapter has been released. “To my dismay not everything in the game works the way I thought it would. So there could be some minor changes in the future updates but nothing too drastic I think… I am hoping to change things up a bit in the future making updates smaller but more frequent. Maybe commissioning other artists to work on additional costumes and live performance animations and such. Oh, and I plan to be adding a bit less text and a bit more sex scenes (with actual full screen CGs).
But that's just my thoughts at this point. Creative process is a fickle bitch…”


Though S.C.34 may be due for a hiatus, Akabur has no intention of sitting on his hands. He’s already in the process of working on a new project featuring one of arguably the most underutilized waifus in all of fandom, April O’Neil. “April was my first love... When I was still young and full of hope, me and my friends used to play a lot of TMNT games on my 8-bit video game system. We also watched a lot of TMNT cartoons. And we also made a lot of naughty drawings of April getting fucked by turtles... Or was just me...?” For me it was action figures, but you are not alone—hell the cartoon itself was over half shibari bondage fantasies for kids… but I’m digressing.


“I lost my imaginary virginity to that imaginary woman, so she will forever be in my heart. As for the new game, it is called ‘The Mating Season THE GAME!’. It's nothing special really, basically one glorified sex scenes with a few choices here and there. But since it's being a small project I hope to release it in this century.”



Akabur is undeniably having a moment right now, and with his very successful Patreon campaign funding his future endeavors, though he says he’s holding off from launching into any epic dream-projects at the moment. “ I do have dream projects in mind of course, but I don't think financing those projects would be a problem. These days if your project is not shit (and you are not an idiot), you can easily found your games, because people are hungry for quality adult games. That being said I refrain from undertaking any ambitious projects (like Princess Trainer 2) at the moment... For personal reasons... The time is not right. Not yet...”


Though the time may not be right for him to go after the big prize, Akabur has undoubtedly made a name for himself doing things his own way. As is so often the case, necessity is the mother of invention, “I had no access to the internet back then, so I would just jerk of to my own drawings... A lot...”


Even though thousands of fans are now jerking off to Akabur’s drawings, he remains humble and grateful to his fans. “I would also like to thank all of the amazing people who's been supporting me for years now and making it possible for me to keep on working. I love you guys.”


Truly an inspiration for all pervs, worldwide. You can find more from Akabur on his website, Patreon or his Hentai Foundry Gallery.




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