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Fan Collects 30 Years' Worth of Weekly Shonen Jump
By Kasaix • 7 months ago • 6 comments

Giving Marvel's The Collector a run for his money, twitter user @pekindaq announced to all that he has a massive collection of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. 

“With 30 years of Jump at home, even if something unpleasant happens during the day, I can think ‘When I get home, I can still read some Dragon Ball.’ If someone is acting like a jerk at work, I can think ‘Should you be talking like that? I’ve been reading the Frieza arc at home.’

In modern society, you need a power level of 530,000 to get by, and sharing your home with 30 years of Jump is an effective way to do that.” -@pekindaq

I know serious otaku can collect a whole lot of stuff, but this guy has a library right there. There are comments to this tweet that reflect that sentiment. It should be noted that fans of Weekly Shonen Jump have claimed that the quality of the prints aren't exactly great, so they don't collect them. Tell that to this guy who has about 30 years' worth. For context, the first issue was published on August 1, 1968, which was 51 years ago.