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Fall Guys Wins the Rule 34 Crown
By Yung Namahage • 3 weeks ago

As we approach the dawn of the ninth generation of consoles, it's clear that the battle royale genre will succeed onto the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X and whatever other systems we'll see in the next few years. It seems that every brand and celebrity wants to leave their mark in Fortnite, leaving other games like PUBG and Apex Legends floundering behind. Many battle royales have come and gone these past few months, but there's one that lies distinct from the rest as it breaks records left and right.

Mediatonic, a studio that made little more than web games for well over a decade, seem to have struck gold with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. While the general gameplay of pretty much every other battle royale can be summed up as "shoot people until there's no more people to shoot," Fall Guys takes things in a different direction. Its addictive sequence of physics-based minigames reminiscent of game shows like Takeshi's Castle and its bright visual style makes it almost as fun to watch as it is to play.

More importantly, the eponymous Fall Guys have not only helped the game carve out a unique visual style, but they've made their way into the internet's collective consciousness. It's not hard to find memes featuring the Minion-looking guys in wacky costumes, but there's a certain caveat that comes with internet fame. Much like with FortniteApex Legends and pretty much every game before it, hentai artists have been lewding Fall Guys like there's no tomorrow.

When I wrote about Fortnite porn a while back, I came(!) to the conclusion that it doesn't have the same appeal as, say, Overwatch porn because the avatars lack personalities, making them mere skins instead of actual characters. Still, I've found plenty of Fortnite skins attractive and thought it'd be cool to see lewd art of them, but who the fuck is looking at these genderless blob things and thinking they need the R34 treatment? But they're not always the bean-shaped beings you see in the game; some artists depict them as genderbent Fall Gals, sometimes using the Super Crown made famous by Bowsette.

Other times the Fall Guys have inexplicably large dicks.

Maybe the reason Fall Guys are so susceptible to lewding is because they kinda look like Tenga Cups?

So, what do you guys think of Fall Guys? Do you prefer it to other battle royales? What about the porn? Drop your thoughts below!