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Dora Wants to Teach You More Than Just Spanish
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 years ago

How do you say slut in spanish...that’s right, puta, and that’s just what Dora is in this game. A puta. But you can actually use a lot of words to describe this Dora, like slut, bimbo, skank, and legal, that’s the most import one. Here’s a super short summary:

Dora the explorer is a modest and kind girl... are you sure about this? Tales of "Dark Forest" will tell you the story she would like to keep secret​.

This is a completed game and is apart of the Dark Forest Series. I played through the game and even though the thought of fucking a hot thicc Dora is appealing to me, sadly, the sex scenes did not deliver. It’s a sad problem that I run into with most of these games. The sex scenes are just a lot of descriptions with “ahhh ahh ha” and “Your dick feel so good.” littered about. But if you’re just here to relive your childhood days of watching Dora in a more adult manner then you may still enjoy this.

Damn Dora!. DId you just learn how to English? I guess English is you're second language.

You can download the game HERE and support their PATREON! There’s also an incest PATCH, since you know...Patreon don’t like that kind of stuff.

Did you watch Dora when you were younger? Do you want to fuck a hot thicc Dora? Who do you call when you don’t know which way to go? Tell us in the comments below.