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Cancellations Keep Coming for Interspecies Reviewers
By Yung Namahage • 7 months ago

As you may have seen, Funimation announced last week that they'll no longer be streaming Interspecies Reviewers for "falling outside their standards." Fans of the series, myself included, were reasonably pissed off. As was Youtuber Nux Taku, who started a campaign that involved review bombing the series on MyAnimeList with 10/10 scores so Funi can see what they're missing out on, and hopefully begin streaming it again.

(Side note: at the time of writing it was at number 2 and it briefly had the number 1 spot, but it seems that the site moderators have caught on and it's now slipping down the ranks.)

That's what would happen in theory, but it seems like an empty gesture when other broadcasters are following in Funi's footsteps and dropping the series. French streaming service Wakanim removed the series for Nordic countries as did Amazon Prime Video in North America, but the biggest blow of all came from one of Japan's biggest TV stations.

Tokyo MX, a free station that's broadcasted to the Tokyo region for almost 25 years, initially had a late time slot for the series and showed the censored version to boot. But without warning, the show's official Twitter page tweeted that Tokyo MX will not be broadcasting any further episodes at the request of the station's parent company.

""Interspecies Reviewers" cancelled on TOKYO MX

The anime “Interspecies Reviewers” ​​being broadcast on TOKYO MX has been canceled due to the organization of Tokyo Metropolitan Television.

 - Interspecies  Reviewers Production Committee"

But worry not, this definitely doesn't mean that the series will be gone for good; satellite TV stations AT-X and BS11 will still broadcast the show throughout Japan, plus local stations KBS in Kyoto and Sun Television in Kobe as well as streaming services DoCoMo and Amazon Prime Video Japan. Since it's highly unusal for an anime to be cancelled mid-broadcast, it's probably safe to assume that Interspecies Reviewers is the most controversial anime of the season, and the series' reputation is no doubt affected by all the negative press. And a series about dudes rating fantasy hookers needs all the good press it can get.

What do you guys make of this? Why do you think so many broadcasters are dropping the series? Will it get dropped again or have the cancellations hopefully come to an end? Sound off below!