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Audio Doujins: Commission Batch Two
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago

And here we are with the second batch of audio doujin commissions. Keep them coming guys, there so much more doujins to add audio to. We have two more great doujin to present you with. We have two very shy and voluptuous women in these doujins for you today. We have a witch voiced by the amazing Endymion, and Hinata voiced by the great SultryLamp. Oh, and did I mention that these people commission the all mighty Kinky to voice both the shy boy and Naruto. With audio doujin, you can add male voices or take them out. The possibilities are endless. Oh, and let's no forget LewdHeart's performance as Himawari.

Mojikawa voiced by Endymion

Hinata voiced by SultryLamp

Leo and Naruto voiced by ImJustThatKinky

Himawari voiced by LewdHeart

And if you’re interested in adding audio to a doujin that you love, hit up our audio doujin commission sheet

What did you think of Endymion performance? What did you think of SultryLamp’s performance? Are you interested in commissioning your own audio doujin? Tell us in the comments.