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ATK on Tight Ass Jeans
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 4 comments

There’s something about a tight pair of jeans, that wraps around an ass so perfectly. A good pair of tight jeans can even make the smallest of asses look inviting. There are many different kinks out there, some are as simple as “I enjoy anal” or something with more layers as “I enjoy getting a blowjob in a crowded movie theater.” So there’s no problem with having a kink for seeing a girl ass in a tight pair of jeans.

Someone who understand this kink well is Namaniku ATK, who art you might notice from the Hitsugi no Chaika light novels. Namaniku, is a man who focus a lot of his art on the female assets tucked nicely in a pair of tight jeans.

He even got himself his very own ass booth!

But when you take a look at more of his art, it kind of seem that he might just be a man with a jean fetish. He love showing off every part of a girls lower body and the way the jeans shape around them.

Tight jeans are a wonderful device to help those girls with small butts gain confident in shaping their small butts and giving them a fighting chance. Jeans don’t just help cover up a naked ass, it can also help improve an ass.

What do you like better, booty shorts or tight jeans? A fat ass or a tight ass? Was this article stupid XD? Tell us in the comment below.