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Anime Games Pop Off For April Fools
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 weeks ago

Normally on April Fools I enjoy coming up with my own little article prank to see who I can catch sleeping, or who instantly calls me out thanks to some post-nut clarity. However this year that didn’t happen in time. Just when I was about to pass on writing about it, several anime game companies stepped up to continue the tradition of tomfoolery. My feed was blasted with several… less than true trailers this morning. Perhaps I’m simply biased but the ones that stood out this year for me all came from games with anime inspiration. Guilty Gear, Nikke, and Naraka Bladepoint produced some trailers that put a wry smile on my face.

Those are just some of the drops from today. I appreciate these companies still keeping the antics of April Fools alive. Honestly, I think one reason I couldn’t bring myself to write my own article for it this year is because we’re starting to live in April Fools… eternally. I saw a post a few days ago that stated the current landscape of the internet is already on April Fools mode. A ton of the news is fake. A ton of the posts are fake. Hell these days, a ton of the advertising is fake or misleading. I’ve heard a lot of people bring up the Dead Internet Theory lately, which essentially states that the majority of the internet is just bots chatting and creating content with very little organic human interaction existing. Years ago this idea was laughed at. These days it’s starting to feel like a true threat. Anyways, now isn’t the time for such depressing thoughts. I just wanted to explain why myself and I suppose some others couldn’t get in the mood this year.

Don’t let yourself get tricked by any devious pranksters out there. Remember to double check any headlines today that sound too good (or stupid) to be true. Did you check out any of the mentioned trailers? Did you play any April Fools pranks yourself today? What was your favorite trick you saw this year? Reread those wacky headlines, keep your brain on skeptic mode, and enjoy April Fools in the comments below!