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An Interview with the Legend of Palcomix: Pietro
By Kasaix • 2 years ago

Kasaix: People of Doujins, I have here one of the legends of the hentai community, Pietro of Palcomix. Yes, THAT Palcomix. Most people have fond memories of the various comics that Palcomix graced the internet with. With a variety of types and kinks available, I’m sure we all have our favorites among the large catalogue. Palcomix has been around since forever, and it’s still going strong.

With all that said, thank you for hanging out Pietro. How are you doing today?

Pietro: Hello, first, Thanks for the interview, I want to give my apologies in advance because my english language skills are not perfect yet, I’m from Peru, so my native language is spanish.

Kasaix: How did you get into art? What first inspired you to put colored pencil to paper and draw?

Pietro: Since I remember I always drew, but I didn’t took it seriously until 2003 where I discovered a community of artists who worked doing commissions, and I thought was a chance.

Kasaix: Do you have professional training, or did you doodle your way to mastery?

Pietro:   No, absolutely, just practicing for years

Kasaix: What is your favorite subject to draw, as far as characters and situations?

Pietro:  Cartoon characters, I remember drawing Disney characters since I was 9 years old

Kasaix: Where do you get ideas for your projects?

Pietro: Well.. regarding drawings, nowadays i draw mostly commissions, so the ideas come from the customers, heh, when I have the chance to decide I prefer draw something that will get attention,  a new popular character for example, i always have to give it a try

Kasaix: What do you consider your best work of art, either comic or stand-alone image?

Pietro:  Well, it’s Little Tails comic, after so many years I decided couple of years ago to start with my own story with original characters, and i think it does well.. I have a little fan base which makes me really proud

Kasaix: What is a dream project of yours, something you feel you must work on?

Pietro: Animation, is so hard, but i’ll like to make an animated series of Little Tails someday, oh god is so far yet.. hah.

Kasaix: Let’s discuss Palcomix. How did you first get started on the legendary site?

Pietro: The original idea was to create a place for comics that will do regular comics and adult oriented ones, but it seems there was more public for the adult rated works,  at least thats what happened with me. Palcomix started in January 2004

Kasaix: Looking back on how long it’s been on the internet, how do you think it has done? Do you have any “what-if” thoughts about it?

Pietro: It came bigger than i always though,  but the business is changing nowdays,

Kasaix: Where do you see Palcomix going in the future? Can the fans look forward to years more of great comics from the great minds at Palcomix?

Pietro:  Well, as long we continue with the support of our fans,   we faced some problems in the latest years, but this is what I do,  and i’ll not let it go, heh. I’m also considering make Palcomix more like a community of artists that will upload their own comics, I hope someday that happens.

Kasaix: Let’s wrap this up, shall we? I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Do you have any final words for your fans?

Pietro:  Well. just thanks to the people who believe on us. ^^ Thanks to you too for this chance




Another huge thanks to Pietro for hanging out. If you’d like to follow all the great work, here are some links to consider bookmarking.