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An Interview with Sexyverse
By Kasaix • 8 months ago

Kasaix: Hello Doujin Army! I’m here with the first writer we’ve ever interviewed, and damn is it a big one. Let me introduce you all to Sexyverse, or SVC, the creator and writer of Sexyverse Comics. Besides comics, they also have a Teen Titans game going on that is really good. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself, since I’m super excited to talk to Sexyverse. Thanks for taking the time to hang out. How’s it going?

Sexyverse: It's going fine, how are you?


Kasaix: I'm doing great. Since you're the first writer we've ever interviewed, this is gonna be fun. You're the writer and you run all of Sexyverse. All of that must take a heck of a lot of work. Do you have a professional education in writing and website operation?


Sexyverse: I've taken a couple college courses on writing and one for graphic design but nothing more than that.


Kasaix: Nice. How did the site come about?


Sexyverse: The initial intent was to run multiple comics and anything else on the website but after a while it became obvious I couldn't sustain that. I tried a few times but it just turns out that running Deviants is possible for now. So the website is kind of structured weird if thought of as just a place for one comic. There's a few cancelled comics on there as well but who knows, maybe we'll get around to reviving another one and make the most out of the setup.


Kasaix: Running a bunch of comics at once sounds like a nightmare, so it's probably best to go it one at a time. Let's talk Deviants, because it's a really good and popular comic, and God Revan Ryu, a co-worker and friend at Doujins, lost his mind when I interviewed Aya Yanagisawa and told him I was interviewing you. How did Deviants come about?


Sexyverse: Deviants started as a series of iterations over a possible storyline. At first it was something of a combination of Avatar the Last Airbender and Green Lantern where the deviant races each had unique powers. That was when the comic was planned to be mostly safe for work. After a while I found myself unimpressed with a lot of porn comics and thought an action-adventure porn comic would be something interesting to try. So the first version of Deviants came to be with succubi having a variety of powers and other monster races having their own powers. But as time went on I found the non-action elements more interesting and since sex was already the main part of the story I decided to reboot the comic and just cut out the convoluted storyline and make it more slice of life.


Kasaix: I remember the first iteration. Jameson had some uncontrollable incubus power, which was from a female twin that lived inside of him. There was also the fact that incubi shouldn't exist, and he did. There were mentions and hints of his father being important. This was when you decided to toss it out and reboot it, right?


Sexyverse: Yeah, I felt the ambition didn't match the porn. I've seen manga with lots of sex and nudity tone theirs down when the story got more complicated. I felt that the porn and non-porn elements were competing with each other.


Kasaix: Actually I can see that. The plot was getting interesting, like XTC being magically reprogrammed through the power of Jameson's unit, his twin leaving him, and the mysterious father. You decided to reboot it to make it more slice of life so the porn was more the star of the show, right?


Sexyverse: It makes it easier and more focused. That and I just wasn't as interested in the story for the old comic.


Kasaix: Too many things going on at once?


Sexyverse: Yeah.


Kasaix: I wouldn't suppose you kept a doc containing where those stories were going, did you? I'd love to at least read where that story was going.


Sexyverse: Not really. I kept the current chapters written but future plot threads were in my head. I tend to iterate ideas a lot and anything I write down has a nasty habit of being outdated in a week or so. But I did set up a future for all the plot threads to go towards. Jameson was going to eventually tame all the local succubi and then he would go around the world to do the same. The intent was that he was supposed to take over the world which is why he was such a big deal. Incubi were wiped out because they can knock up any woman and make more succubi and incubi. Through science and magic Jameson was born and bypassed the block on incubi being born. Jamie, his twin sister, was what he was originally going to be but the amulet he wore kept her under control, that was the magic side. The science side hadn't been entirely fleshed out but it would've been what allowed him to survive. I had a few ideas about how that would've went but it would've taken years to get to it.


Kasaix: Awesome. Thanks for writing all that out. World-wide harem sounds so good. 

In the reboot, Jameson is the opposite of the first iteration, a human who isn't very sure of himself around women. It seems he's kept his talent for sex though, giving Cheryl a ride for her money. He's less complicated, which would make things easier from a story perspective. Cheryl seems to be the same though, she's a blue-horned succubus. What else can you tell us about the reboot? Please tell me Jameson and his mother get down, because she seems to be as sexually active as before, as we see in the new page.


Sexyverse: I've removed all the powers so there's no blue lassos or anything like that. All deviants just have their looks and sexual quirks, although witches will be an interesting thing to implement since they'll still have some magical abilities. As for Jameson and his mother, the unfortunate thing is that Patreon has kept me from actually going through with it. That's the frustrating thing, with incest being outlawed by Patreon and their website being the main source of income, I can't do anything sexual about it. Even teasing it can be risky, the platform likes to enforce their rules in ever changing ways. It's just not worth it. I have wanted to push Gumroad as an alternative but since it never really caught on, I still support members on there but I can't create content specifically for that. If I could, then I'd have more freedom.


Kasaix: Noooo!!!! Dammit Patreon. I'm still loving the Deviants reboot though. If you find a way to get them together, that will be an amazing day.

God Revan Ryu had a couple of questions, if you don't mind fielding them: "Just me being cheeky. When are we getting smug Lisa back?"


Sexyverse: Lisa is already back in the current comic and she's her usual self. It's just that right now she's getting it on with Meredith.


Kasaix: Ah yes, she went from succubus to werewolf. 

"When will we be seeing Kennedy return and will she be as MILFy as Cheryl? 

Love Cheryl's new MILF look. Makes her insanely more attractive and erotic."


Sexyverse: Kennedy will be making a return. I intend to bring back all the characters but they'll of course be changed in minor ways to have them fit the current comic. Thanks, Cheryl was always older than Jameson by a handful of years so I decided to up it a bit so that Cheryl was the same age as Jameson's mom. That's how I get to do a comic about MILFs when I can't hook Jameson up with his mom.


Kasaix: You brilliant, brilliant writer. Having Meredith hook up with other girls makes up for her being unable to hook up with Jameson, and additional MILFs helps ease the loss. I bow to your writing ability.


Sexyverse: Thanks but it's just about adapting.


Kasaix: How long do you see this iteration of Deviants going? Me and Revan have been eagerly following with each update.


Sexyverse: As long as I can keep it going. I always want to expand upon it since making comics is what I love to do the most. The problem is that it's hard to fund it since I pay the artist. So all money I get just about covers the comic.


Kasaix: People, back this man on Patreon, moreso Gunroad so we can have Jameson and Meredith hook up.

You're also working on a Teen Titans game. From what I've seen, it's Beast Boy hooking up with Raven and Terra. Can you tell us more about it?


Sexyverse: Tales from Titans Tower is a fan game that offers branching paths for the player. They play as Beast Boy and can be with either girl. The game is meant to be smaller and will be done in 3-4 months.


Kasaix: Oh nice. Is there a harem choice, or is it just Terra or Raven?


Sexyverse: Just one or the other although there may be a chance for both at some point.


Kasaix: Nice. Beyond those two, is there a project you'd really like to work on in the future?


Sexyverse: Sexyverse Games has a main project on Patreon called Goddess Realm. It's like Dragon Age and Fallout 3/4/New Vegas without the combat and an emphasis on dialogue. It's also a porn game. The player has a few customization options for their character and will be put in a medieval world where they are the only human male and get aided from time to time by a goddess. So it's like an isekai as well. It plays like a VN RPG.


Kasaix: Oh nice! Please tell us more about that. What's the story, and what can players do there? ....How many MILFs can we take to bed?



Pardon the spam but here's a bunch of images and screenshots, we're currently working on the third build. We put out new art every week on Patreon and a new build at the end of the month. Right now we're setting up all the basics of the system and the initial companions that you can choose from. There's also a main storyline to take part in, or not. There will be side activities and quests so you'll always have something to do. The emphasis is on choice and freedom while offering sexy situations for players so that they can be more invested in the game.


Kasaix: That looks awesome! I'll definitely be taking a look. Can you play as both a male or female? What about futa options?


Sexyverse: Just male. The game won't have futas. We've had problems in the past and it seems to be more divisive. Futa would be best save for a game that focuses on it. That and we can't split up resources for it at this point.


Kasaix: Fair enough. It still looks awesome all the same, and I can't wait to take a look at it. 

This was an absolute blast and I hope we can chat more in the future, but for now, let’s wrap it up here. Do you have any final words to all your fans? (That includes me and Revan)


Sexyverse: I need more money so I can make more porn.


Kasaix: People, back this man on Patreon, moreso Gunroad so we can have Jameson and Meredith hook up. I mean it.


Sexyverse: Thank you.

I’d like to thank Sexyverse again for taking the time to hang out. If you’d like to follow more of his work, check out the sites below: