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An Interview with DavieZwei
By Kasaix • 9 months ago

Kasaix: Hello Doujin Army! This is a different sort of interview. I’m here with DavieZwei, a game developer who works on TFGames, a site dedicated to porn games with the theme of ‘transformation’, mostly male to female. DavieZwei has worked on a few so far, and they’re all worth a look, especially the latter two games Fanucci's Amazing Pizza! and Healslut. Healslut is the newer game and it’s still actively being developed. Fanucci's Amazing Pizza! was completed some time ago, and recently got an update to tie into Healslut, which was super cool to see. 

But I digress. Thank you for taking the time to hang out. How’s it going DavieZwei?

DavieZwei: I'm doing good, thank you for asking. Overwhelmed by all the support and messages and comments the game has brought in over the last couple months but it's a good kind of overwhelmed. It's great so many people enjoy the game that I am enjoying creating.

And of course your offer for an interview. I couldn't believe it. I'm honored!


Kasaix: I've enjoyed playing your games so often, so it's a pleasure to interview you. 

Let's start at the top: how did you first game into game development, especially in the ero game scene?


DavieZwei: I stumbled upon JoeForest's game "The Collar" and you know the meme "this better not awaken something in me"? Well, it did. And I've always loved writing so the idea struck me that I could make a game like he did, too. I started "No Money Down Blues" and continued on to "Fanucci's Amazing Pizza" and then on to "Healslut" (with a few bumps along the way).


Kasaix: JoeForest is another game game dev on the site. I played through The Collar a few times. 

You work both in the general building of the game, like coding and such, as well as the art side. You even made some models for minotaurquemada's Mystic Blades Of Somaria. Did you go to school to learn coding and art, or are you self taught?


DavieZwei: All self-taught. Or rather, taught by the works of others. It's taken loads and loads of tutorials and trial-and-error! But I think it's all been worth it.


Kasaix: Yes it has. I must have played through FAP! ten times, and Healslut is just amazing. 

Speaking of Healslut, how is work progressing so far? The updates are incredible, especially the last one.


DavieZwei: Thank you! Progress is going really well! I made sure to have the storyline written out beginning to end before starting to create the game because I didn't want to lose the focus halfway through like I unfortunately did with NMDB. Turns out that was exactly what was needed, since now I've been able to branch out and allow for all sorts of interesting (and hot) choices without breaking the story or going off on a route of no-return.


Kasaix: The story is really good. I'm a writer, and I'm just envious of what you're pulling off. At first, it's light and silly, but these last few updates have taken darker turns, and there's a mystery surrounding the main character. Honestly, there's a ton of questions that I've been scratching my head about. Panki is still best girl though.

How big of a game and story do you see this becoming, compared to FAP?


DavieZwei: Thank you again. That's especially encouraging to hear from a fellow writer! Compared to FAP, this game is a monster. The story for FAP was a straight shot all the way through, allowing for a few sexy decisions in the middle, but Healslut is going to be more like a branching bolt of lightning that I have to bottle up in the end.


Kasaix: There are a lot of choices in this game that have major story impacts. Without spoiling anything, just how different are the planned endings, and how many endings are there?


DavieZwei: The current plans are for four primary endings with each of those being modified by how you decided to deal with and treat the other characters during the journey -- especially your "romantic" interest(s).

I want to stress that these won't be "Mass Effect 3" endings, either! It's galling when a game throws away your choices just to wrap things up. I'm dead-set against doing that for Healslut.


Kasaix: I can't imagine an ME3 event happening for Healslut, given some of the more permanent choices that can be made. All of the choices feel meaningful, and you can be sure I'll be playing through it multiple times to see how things happen. I already have a few saves for different choices. 

You said interest(s), how many romantic options are there? Can we just romance everyone available? Will more be introduced later? As well, can we go for a harem route? I'm definitely sticking with Panki though, the hot paladin with bikini armor and some demon nature. That romance scene at the end of the last update was magic.


DavieZwei: All the major characters in the story will have a romantic path to pursue, although the actual 'romance' of these routes will vary greatly (cough Roopah cough). Panki is definitely more romantic. And yes, there will be several combinations of compatible partners and one harem path. Not to spoil too much, but Panki+Lel is one possible combo and Roopah+Harmony is another.


Kasaix: Harmony? Wow. I did keep a save where I spared...them. Roopah is an interesting one. At first, she's just horny, but the last update had her be a bit harsh and critical. Definitely interesting character development. For the life of me I forgot her name, but what about the big boobed goblin? Is there a scene with her?


DavieZwei: Haha, that's Ooyum. Yep, she'll have scenes, too. It seems like a lot of ROs but I've got a good handle on it.


Kasaix: Nice. It's not normally my thing, but Ooyum is just interesting. Handling all these different paths sounds like a huge task, and it's just impressive that you have it all handled.

I'm trying not to ask questions that are spoilers, but this is one I've been really curious about. During the game, Sparkle has different outfit options. Will players be able to swap between outfits at some point?


DavieZwei: Yes. And at that point the particular choice of outfit will have some impact instead of being simply cosmetic.


Kasaix: Really? That's interesting. Right, as I recall, when first going to the shop, the shopkeep says that the outfits have different stat buffs. I can imagine that having an impact on the story, especially since Sparkle's power was recently nerfed. 

Do you have a set update schedule players can look forward to?


DavieZwei: Not currently, no. But with the support I've gotten, I'm just about at the point of stepping away from one of my part-time jobs and taking up the work on Healslut in its place. I'm really excited for that, honestly. So many more hours in the day to "work" on something I enjoy instead of toil at something soul-draining. And at that point I plan to drop an update every two weeks.


Kasaix: Every two weeks? That sounds awesome. I hope you get to that point without burn-out.

I understand that you'll be busy today, so let's wrap it up here. Do you have any final words for all your fans?


DavieZwei: Oh yes, thank you so much to everyone! I cannot convey my appreciation for all the people who take the time to comment or send along a message. That's the fuel that keeps me going. And thank you for the interview!


Kasaix: It was definitely my pleasure. I look forward to more updates from Healslut. Keep up the amazing work, DavieZwei.

I’d like to once again thank DavieZwei for taking the time to hang out. If you’d like to follow his work, check out the links below

DavieZwei Website

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