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An Eroge with a Long Title: The Most Forbidden Love in the World
By Kasaix • 1 year ago

When I saw this title, I knew I had to take a closer look. Forbidden love? What's going on with this one? At first glance, there's nothing really forbidden. It has slice of life elements, romance, comedy, and some drama. So why the title? Maybe the trailer will give us a hint.

Hermit's The Most Forbidden Love in the World, which can be found HERE, seems like a nice little harem eroge. A protagonist, down on his luck, runs into a hot woman who brings him to her apartment complex. There, he meets her younger daughter and a bunch of other women, all of whom he can romance. Maybe romancing so many women is considered forbidden? Or maybe that the protagonist is 30 and can romance a younger girl is forbidden? She doesn't look underage though. Oh well, it has a decent plot and great art, so it's definitely worth a look. Determine for yourself if the title is warranted.