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Ame's Voice is Bringing Anime Waifus to Life
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

Sometimes, you don't have the skills or the time to write out your own fantasies. Sometimes, you only have an idea, but not the writing ability to make it something more than just an idea. Sometimes, you may see a picture of something fucking hot and think, "Man, I wish there was more to this.". And sometimes, you would just like someone else to breathe life into your ideas. Well, I'll let you know that every month, one of our lovely VAs, AmeAfterDark, is doing something called rainy day commissions, where she'll breathe life into any description or picture you may have.

Ame is opening up Rainy Day Audio Commissions the first of every month. For $20, she'll make a five minute audio of something you come up with. No need for a script or anything like that. She'll improv with the things that are given and go with it. I've already commissioned her like fucking 6 times, and I'm never disappointed. I've actually already gotten two more this month. Yeah, she's that good. To show you how good her rainy day commissions are, I'll let you listen to two of them that I had commissioned last month.

I was on a huge Female Muzan kick, so I asked her to do a audio based on Krevov's Female Muzan piece, and boy did she not disappoint.

Female Muzan

The next one I wanted to be a little more creative, so I gave her a description based off of Waterproof Pigeon's Sae Niijima picture. Here' s the description I gave her:

The scene is that your sister is being harassed by a guy so you begrudgingly offer to give him a blowjob to leave her alone.  When he ask to go further you begin to panic knowing that you have a secret. But being push to your limits and seeing that there is no other choice you comply. The man sees that you have a penis and can know use that against you to make you do whatever he wants.

Futa Sae

So if you're in need for some good ass audio at a great price. Check out Ame's Rainy Day Audio Commissions is definitely the girl to hit up every month. I know I sure will!

Are you interested in Ame's rainy day commissions? Do you have any ideas that you would like to hear audio of? What did you think of the Female Muzan and Futa Sae audios? Tell us in the comments.