A Review of Snowed IN
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 2 comments

Nutaku asked us to review this game, and here's our opinion.

Wow. I really need to give up on getting these reviews out at topical moments. Imagine how crazy it’d be if I released this last week during the polar vortex. The pun potential would of been through the roof! See, the difference between a good running gag and a great running gag is the same as the difference between a good sex game and a great sex game: context.

Snowed IN is a visual novel game that was developed and published by Rascal Devworks. It was released on the Nutaku website on January 25, 2019. It’s 164.7 MB and toaster computer certified. It’s available to pick up for a measly $1.99.


For how cheap this game is, they really put some effort in with the visuals and audio**. It has its own unique UI which can be a rarity for these low-priced titles. It complements the futuristic feel of the game and helps it stand out a little. There are tons of sound effects to help build the atmosphere, though some may find the repeated use of different grunts and sighs a bit repetitive. Personally I didn’t mind it. The music definitely comes through with electronic beats and sounds. They’re fine enough tracks to listen to while you’re playing without getting annoyed, but nothing that warrants repeated listens by themselves outside of the game.

An old strategy, but a wise one.


Ehhh… not too bad I reckon’. It’s pretty dry as you’re learning the military background information that explains why you and a partner are down on a planet trying to either excavate resources or perform some sort of surveillance on the enemy. I’ll be honest I knew this game was short so trying to pay attention to the world building and plot when I knew I’d never see it again soon became quite difficult. However, there was a nice twist that kept me on my toes and provided a surprise in the story (not something I’d expect for a porn game less than two dollars). Overall, it’s nothing special or unique but a bit above the average joe’s writing thanks to that aforementioned shock value.

You didn't have to "lure" shit I would of came over if you asked.

The Sex

**(I bet you wondering if I was ever going to make use of those asterisks, huh?) I’m either going to have to update my own dictionary or educate some bitches. When I hear partial voice acting, I’m thinking to myself “Okay, so the scenes will be voiced, but the rest of the game will be pretty silent” whereas a fully voiced game will have almost every line voiced. Either way, associating the word “voice” with this title is a mistake. There are a bunch of sound effects: moans, grunts, giggles, laughs. Yet there’s not an actual word that’s voiced anywhere. Maybe I’m just an ignorant fuck on how these things are marketed. Apart from that massive letdown, the sex is pretty average in terms of dialogue and descriptions. You get to it fast though so points for that.

Yeah you ain't getting a 4/5 with dialogue like that I'll tell you waht.

Snowed IN is a short game for a small price. If you’re a huge yuri fan you might want to check it out since it’s so cheap, however

TL;DR Partial voicing let me down to a 2/5, but for the low price point and good assets I’ll bump it up to a 3/5… luckily it wasn’t $5.00

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