A Review of Sakura Cupid
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 3 comments



Nutaku asked us to look at this game, and here is our opinion. While it may look like we're a bit late to the party, as Sakura Cupid is Valentine's Day-themed, and it's April, lesbihonest here: hot girl-on-girl action is more than welcome any time of the year, especially if the great minds at Winged Cloud are to thank for it. Everything Winged Cloud is known for: fantastical setting, hot girls, and plenty of yuri action with a cute story as a frame is on display here.


For a visual novel, the important parts of the genre to make it a good game are right in the name: it needs to look good and it needs a good story. The story has a nice setup: a cupid named Lilim is punished and sent to Earth. All is not lost for the pink-haired girl, she's a cupid, she can make love happen. She uses these powers on another girl to get a roof over her head, and some love to make her punishment all the more sweeter. They're eventually joined by another divine girl, who Lilim quickly romances and adds to her Earthly, but divine, love nest. 





Now for the visual side of a visual novel. The artist for this novel is known as Wanaca, and does some very fine work for Winged Cloud. The girls look soft and clearly express their emotions. They can go from cute, to mischevious, sexy or sad. The outfits are imaginative and never boring to look at. The anime-style they use is top notch: curvy bodies, non-realistic hair color, and heart-eyes.. Clear care and effort went into the design process. Sakura Cupid looks as gorgeous as any of the other hentai visual novel games up on Nutaku.




For a visual novel, there's not much in the way of gameplay: make your choices and have saves so you can see as much of the story as you'd like on any given playthrough. If players wish to unlock all the CGs in the gallery at once, it would be wise to save after every choice and look to see what gets unlocked in which path. It's less tedious than it sounds, as the reward is cute, sexy girls that players can look at when they wish. If players read every word, it should take up an hour or so, but it's a fun ride with cute angel girls.





Will you join Lilim as she makes her punishment that much more pleasurable? Let us know in the comments below!