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8 Maids who Wish to Serve their Master
By Kasaix • 2 years ago • 0 comments


(Girls are from Hyperdimension Neptunia)


Maids are one of the classic girl archetype. They're prim, proper, and always held to the highest of professional standards. So when they become lewd and really serve their master or someone else, the contrast front and center. That's likely one of the appeals of a maid girl. Sometimes the maid is a proper badass who can tear apart a whole army, other times she's just a normal girl. Whether they're wearing long dresses or short skirts, maid costumes are awesome. To honor these prim and proper lewd girls, here are eight of some of the best maid-themed doujins we have. We hope you enjoy it!

1. Please Help Yourself, Master! by Fei

 A young nobleman is served by two busty maids. Their relationship quickly goes from professional to sexual, and later to that of lovers.

2. Maid and Madam by Mira

 A young maid is hired by a widow to serve her at her estate, and fall in love soon after.


3. At Home Harem FudeoroSisters by Tachibana Omina ★

A young master inherits a crumbling noble family. After a fire finished the job, his sole maid takes him around to various relatives for help. Their last chance at shelter, a small home of three sisters, turns them down before getting a good look at the master. Since he's their type, they readily agree to let them stay there.

4. Love Replica by Emily

A guy finds a girl huddled outside late at night. He takes her in and offers her a place to stay. She decides to become his maid for a month on contract. 


5. Eureka! Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid!!! by At ★

A writer sees his brute of a maid quit her job after she trashes him around his office. After a month, a young girl seeks employment. After getting the job, cleaning, and preparing his dinner, he accidentally drinks coffee using her breast milk, which has an aphrodisiac affect on people.

6. Carnivorous Bunny Teacher by Kuroharuto

 A teacher announces that the class will hold a cafe event as part of a school fair. After the majority of the class gets food poisoning, the task of running it falls to the busty teacher and a male student dressed as a maid.

7. I Made A Futa With Cat Ears by Landolt Tamaki ★

A scientist creates a futa cat girl based on a doujin she read. After restraining herself and employing her as a maid, the cat girl finds the doujin and asks to have sex like they do in the doujin. 

8. Le beau maitre 10 by G-SCAN CORP 

This is a Zero no Tsukaima doujin, and part of a larger series of doujins.

Having seduced his way to a harem, Saito has an orgy with Siesta the maid, Tiffania the elf, and Henrietta the princess.

What do you think of maids? Are you a fan, or do you find them to be afterthought characters? Tell us know in the comments below!