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4chan Uses AI To… Clothe Women?
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

We’re all witnessing the impact of AI as prominent figures like Taylor Swift call for immediate regulation regarding the ability to lewd images of anyone on the internet. We’re also all familiar with the ability and willpower of 4chan trolls to dare to go against the grain. Even so, I never expected to hear about their latest campaign: DignifAI. A group effort to use AI to put clothes back onto women who create adult content online. As far as trolling goes it’s a pretty amusing concept, though it kinda stands against everything we love here at However, when I looked into this movement a bit deeper, I was pretty appalled at their handiwork for one of their bigger targets: Isla David.

Isla David is an adult-content creator with a decent sized following on X (100k). Nothing too crazy, but she found herself in front of seven million views when a comparison post of her original photo and an AI version side by side went viral. It was at this point I became pretty disappointed with this campaign. It seems that not only are trolls adding the clothes on which is fine, but they made her body proportionally ugly for no reason? Added a group of kids to the picture? And just in general created a piece that encroached upon uncanny valley territory. It seemed to tie into politics as well, and that thought was confirmed upon reading the users’ mission statement which reads “We’re putting clothes on degenerate women for fun, come join. The goal is for people to see that a degenerate lifestyle is ultimately fruitless.” In the grand scheme of things it’s still a pretty harmless movement, but once it goes beyond clothing women for the lols and turns into suggesting how women should live and that lewd content production is pointless, I must admit I found such claims to be ridiculous and the joke lost its appeal on me. Either way Isla said she saw a massive increase in attention and sales on her OnlyFans page after the viral image circulated so perhaps it ended up as an unintentional win-win.

Okay maybe just leave the clothes on if it means I don't have to see that freakish image on the right.

Love it or hate it, 4chan will always be up to some antics. At least with the recent rise of deepfake porn, we now have somewhat of a counterbalance force at play to keep things balanced even if it's a bit preachy in my book. Have you heard about DignifAI? Do you support, loathe, or tolerate the idea? Has AI altered your life in any way yet? Find some dirty pics, slap some clothes on them, and watch out for the AI takeover in the comments below!