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Articles by Imaginary
Haru Was Cucked By Persona 5
4 • By Imaginary • 15 hours ago
Thankfully, some cosplayers depicted what actually should of went down after Haru joined the group. But why am I talking about this? Why because it’s Haru’s birthday of course! And what better present to give than talking about my feelings on why Haru got screwed over by the game. I mean seriously, ...
Scouting Those Hot Deals From Our Partners For Black Friday
1 • By Imaginary • 6 days ago
I’m always amazed at how we actually set up a holiday about appreciating what you have and spending time with those you care about, and then immediately turned around and set the day right after that to be a fucking spending marathon about buying as much shit as possible. While hypocritical as fuck, ...
What Are You Thankful For?
4 • By Imaginary • 1 week ago
It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen. Thanksgiving is upon us. Considering this is a doujin site, that probably means a whole day of hiding your weird and outlandish fetishes and trying to remember what things normal people talk about that aren’t as boring as the weather, work, and school. ...
A Review of Sakura Fox Apprentice
3 • By Imaginary • 1 week ago
Nutaku asked us to take a look at some of their games, and here’s our opinion.Ladies and gentlemen, after a month-long break or so, I’m back and ready to cover some more Nutaku games. If you aren’t familiar, I once did a Sakura series on the site where I played a hella bunch of Sakura games in ...
Could You Cum To Beautiful Agony?
10 • By Imaginary • 2 weeks ago
Okay, so the reason I have Yuno on the cover image is two-fold. For one, beautiful agony sounds like an underground tag that serial killers use to label porn that involves torturing victims. I mean, when Kinky first introduced me to this shit I thought I was about to have to call 911 and alert the authorities ...
Paramount Goes Fast and Redesigns Sonic's Horrifying Face
9 • By Imaginary • 3 weeks ago
Now that I've got your attention, unfortunately I'm sad to report that for some reason Paramount decided against the sexy redesign offered by the community. Truly a bold move, we'll have to see if it pays off. Anyway, this is a bit off-topic for a doujin site, but since I did a special back when this ...
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Goes Viral After Being Found In Middle School Library
21 • By Imaginary • 3 weeks ago
It’s been a minute or two since I’ve done anything news-related not pertraining to a sex game, and an especially long time since I’ve touched on anything controversial. For those reasons I’m pretty excited to see what you guys think of this whole situation and see if I get blasted on the spot ...
Fall Anime Status Report 2019
10 • By Imaginary • 4 weeks ago
The other day I was sitting around thinking, and I had a revelation. I really don’t seek out other people’s opinions until the midpoint in an anime season. At the beginning of the season, an anime can have a bad start and cause people to give it a negative review before the story gets going. Or some ...
What's In A Best Girl?
6 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Me, if I've been watching some nice porn. It’s a pretty straightforward answer. A best girl usually has some beaming characteristics that outshine all other female characters on the cast, or at least a good majority. The qualities could be anything ranging from loyalty, comedic value, strength, intelligence, ...
RWBY Has Returned, And So Has The Porn
22 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Fall is here, and that can only mean one thing: it’s RWBY season. Or if you prefer, a new season of RWBY has started up. Who cares, am I right? Wrong. That means there’s about to be a whole new season of perfectly normal and small character interactions that people will turn into mountains upon mountains ...
Watch Out! The Grim Reaper's Here To Steal Your Heart!
2 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Ah yes, we’re nearing the end of October now. I’ve just finished preparing my house for any attacks from the neighborhood rugrats. There will be no tricks on my watch, just a bunch of treats available for me to eat. Speaking of treats, I’m here today to let you know about a spooky little sex game ...
Is Using An Onahole Warmer Worth It?
5 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
J-list asked us to take a look at some of their products, and here's our opinion.When I first started using onaholes, I was overjoyed because it was something different. Something new and fresh that I hadn’t ever tried before in the sex world. I didn’t care about fine-tuning the experience because ...
Ever Use The Showerhead To Cum?
21 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Sometimes I sit down to write an article and think, I never thought we would reach this level of pathetic. Alas, here we are. After releasing so many onahole reviews though, there’s only so much shame that I can really feel. You have already heard about that, so how is this any different?I’m here ...
My Hero Academia Is Back! Porn Ultra!!!
6 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Yes, ladies and gents, while it saddens me to say goodbye to the great shounen Demon Slayer for a while, I’m proud to say My Hero Academia is back with season four to hold me over and deliver some more hotness. But what is a popular franchise without a copious amount of porn lurking beneath the surface? ...
Steam Continues To Flip-Flop On Adult Games
10 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Oh, you! Steam is back at it again as the war between what lewdness should be allowed and what shouldn’t be rages on. Honestly, I can’t even keep up anymore. I heard Steam was going to be allowing adult games a long time ago. In fact, Taimanin Asagi was going to be put on the platform and that shit ...