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Articles by Imaginary
HuniePop Pops Off With Sequel Trailer
12 • By Imaginary • 5 days ago
Announcements, announcements. I can hardly keep up these days. This time I’m here to enlighten thee that HuniePop 2 released an official gameplay trailer on January 14 of this week. As I’m typing this the trailer is set to premier in about 9 minutes on YouTube, so I thought I’d do a sort of live ...
Monika's Literature Club To Receive New Content
8 • By Imaginary • 1 week ago
Huh? Apparently I’m being told live that the name of the game is actually Doki Doki Literature Club. I could of sworn I had it right the first time. Oh well. 2020 has already had a pretty wild start so far, and the news only continues to flow. Dan Salvato, who is the head of Team Salvato, who is the ...
So, Where Do You Hide Your Stash?
21 • By Imaginary • 1 week ago
Back in my day, well, the Internet had pretty much already taken off by then. But back in my dad’s day, you couldn’t just go online and find some hot material to jerk off to. Oh no. Your ass would need to head to a store that sold illicit materials, pay money to buy it, carry it home and hide it ...
Miku Rides Coach to Coachella 2020
7 • By Imaginary • 2 weeks ago
No Miku you're supposed to sign the fan's breasts... you know what, never mind, you'll figure it out when you get here. I had to double check this piece of news when I first heard about it. Sure enough, Hatsune Miku will be making an appearance in Coachella 2020. While I don’t have any personal attachment ...
The Battle Against Male Voices In Audio Doujins Rages On
58 • By Imaginary • 2 weeks ago
You thought you’d seen the last of me, hadn’t you? After the last time that I wrote about removing male voices from audio doujins, you thought you’d won. And in a way, you did. I mean shit I got called a lot bad names (and gay) for not wanting to hear men’s voices in my audio the last time that ...
Yandere Sim Partners With A Porn Game!?
15 • By Imaginary • 2 weeks ago
First of all, happy new year everybody, I’m a day late since this article didn’t really need to come out on New Year's Day or anything, but man does it feel good to be typing to you guys from 2020. To start the year off, I have a piece of news to explore that involves everyone’s favorite anime ...
Miss Kobayashi and Tohru Go Retro in Hentai!
1 • By Imaginary • 3 weeks ago
Oh my god, guys I almost missed a fucking Christmas miracle. Luckily there’s still time to talk about it before the year ends. If there’s one thing that’s hard to come by in hentai, it’s yuri. Doujins aren’t too bad, after every new set of releases or so there comes a new one along that’s ...
Ruin Your Christmas With Maggot Baits!
2 • By Imaginary • 4 weeks ago
Hey there everyone, in an attempt to spread Christmas cheer and deliver something a bit different to the site, I've been working on this video review for the visual novelMaggot Baits over the course of the last few weeks. The idea came to me much earlier, and when we ran a poll there seemed to be a good ...
Winter Anime Are Looking Wack
9 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Whoah whoah chill, before everybody starts coming for my head, this article is going to be about the new anime that are starting up in winter 2020. I’m not talking about Railgun specifically here, though it is wack that there aren’t any boobs for her to grab. Tragic. Anyway, there’s a lot of ongoing ...
Did Hentai Become Mainstream This Decade?
23 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Well everybody, it’s been a wild decade. Though to be fair it depends on who you ask at this point as to whether or not the new decade is about to begin, or if it doesn’t start until the end of 2020. Regardless, Pornhub released their year in review article statistics on December 11, and it contained ...
The Perfect Doujin Length
21 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Council, I gather you here today so that the members of this fine website can probe ourselves to look deep into the heart of doujins in order to determine the optimal doujin length. I realized the other day that I’ve got a specific amount of pages in mind when I click on a doujin, and if it doesn’t ...
Fire Forcing The Comedy
34 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
I know there are a lot of Fire Force fans in the comments section of the blog, so I had to think twice before writing this article. The problem is that Kinky had come up with the title in advance, and it was just too good not to use. Now there are plenty of things to like about Fire Force. I enjoyed ...
The Pain Of Watching Seasonal Anime
12 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Man I remember back when I started high school when I wasn’t really deep into the anime game yet. I had just finished hunting down the last Zatch Bell! episodes that never aired on TV, and I was moving on to more mature material like Death Note and Monster. Whenever I wanted to watch an anime, I watched ...
Haru Was Cucked By Persona 5
10 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
Thankfully, some cosplayers depicted what actually should of went down after Haru joined the group. But why am I talking about this? Why because it’s Haru’s birthday of course! And what better present to give than talking about my feelings on why Haru got screwed over by the game. I mean seriously, ...
Scouting Those Hot Deals From Our Partners For Black Friday
1 • By Imaginary • 1 month ago
I’m always amazed at how we actually set up a holiday about appreciating what you have and spending time with those you care about, and then immediately turned around and set the day right after that to be a fucking spending marathon about buying as much shit as possible. While hypocritical as fuck, ...