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I code for Kinky's game Personality which is kinda shit but don't tell him I said that.

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Articles by Imaginary
Tohru Adachi: The Incel We Love
12 • By Imaginary • 3 months ago
What’s up, bitches? Today I’m here to discuss this man and similar characters. If you don’t know, Tohru Adachi is an important character in Persona 4 so if you’re still planning to go back and play that shit, leave now. For all of you whores who know Adachi or don’t care about revisiting that ...
Happy Halloween From J-list!
1 • By Imaginary • 3 months ago
Our partners at J-list asked us to share some news.Ya feel that? The change in the air. The calendar moving on. Skeletons waking up in your closet. That’s right baby. Today marks the start of October, which means it’s legally appropriate to start decorating and preparing for Halloween. If you started ...
Never Go Full Anime
17 • By Imaginary • 3 months ago
As a Canadian rapper once said, “I’m upset”. We gotta have a talk. We all love anime, okay? I mean, if you frequently browse a doujins site it would be weird if you didn’t. But even though we love anime, it’s important to remember when constructing a story what kind of place you’re attempting ...
Erotic Number Kokonoe Onahole Review
0 • By Imaginary • 3 months ago
J-list asked us to take a look at some of their products, and here's our opinion.It’s been a minute since we’ve had some consistent onahole reviews on the site, but they come all the way from Japan, okay? It’s a long journey. Ay baby, notice that J-list disclaimer now? Can you say 'the come up'? ...
Ever Tried To Masturbate When You're Sick?
34 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
I’m writing this article on Wednesday, and it’ll be going up Saturday. I hope I will be in an entirely different state by then. You see, I’ve been sick as shit for the past few days. My fault too. I went to a crowded attraction in a downtown city and had the nerve to not shower later that night ...
What Causes an Anime Outrage?
29 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
Man, I love a good comedy. And this season I’m enjoying the fuck out of Joshi Kōsei no Mudazukai, or Wasteful Days of High School Girls in English. It’s been killing it with a dry sense of humor this season while just recently delivering a more serious and inspiring episode that had your boy putting ...
Can I Lewd You Now? Yes, You May!
9 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
If you’re an anime fighting game fan, you’re hype as fuck for the year 2020. New Guilty Gear? Let’s rock. Granblue Fantasy Versus? Shit they got some lit character designs, let’s get it. Tired of waiting? Cross Tag will have 9 new characters before the year is up. And even though it’s Cross ...
I Love You, Colonel Sanders! ...Is Not A Joke
11 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
We're truly in the wild west days of social media. Anything can happen, and anything will happen. Today I bring news of KFC's latest and greatest announcement: a dating simulator visual novel. Yeah. I had to double check myself a few times to make sure this was not a troll or someone taking KFC’s intellectual ...
A Review of Lewd Leaf Land
5 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
Nutaku asked us to take a look at this game, and here's our opinion.This is a unique game that Kinky recommended me to check out if I wanted something different. I wanted, and I received baby. I can honestly say this was nothing like any other porn game I’ve ever played for a variety of reasons.Lewd ...
Drop The Crack, Drop The Politics
16 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
Ay baby, we’re back. Listen, I’m not happy about this being another Carole and Tuesday article so soon to my last one either. You guys are gonna start thinking I’m a shill for the show or something. Rest assured, as a blogger you just get unlucky with the turn of events sometimes. You can’t control ...
Stressed? Relax, Kissing Therapy Is Coming to Steam
1 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
Western studio Outbreak Games announced Thursday that their short yuri visual novel, Kissing Therapy will be coming to Steam. This intrigued me for a couple of reasons. First of all I see that Steam is continuing to lighten up its stance on porn games. I must admit I don’t typically find my hentai ...
When You Know The Doujins Aren't Coming
16 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
You ever see an anime and think “oh they come”? You can feel it. The perfect mixture of popularity and anime girls that will lead to a truckload of doujins in a few weeks. My Hero Academia certainly comes to mind as a prime example. As soon as I saw Tsu, Toga, and Midnight and combined ...
Summer Is Ending, Don't Forget Your Bleach Babes!
23 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
Well friends, the colleges in my area have all started up again which means the signal that summer is ending is here. It’s still hot as hell outside, but the good vibes of freedom are fading away. In these trying times I can only do one thing to help you: send you off with some forgotten Bleach babes.So ...
The Trashiest Persona 3 Porn Game
4 • By Imaginary • 4 months ago
Gather around everybody, it’s story time. Once upon a time there was a dumb fuck named ImJustThatKinky who wanted to make a porn game called Personality. It would be a fresh, amazing, and topical entry into the industry that would shake up the state of porn games as we know it by trying to mix in good ...
Fellatio and Fuck Special Onahole Review
7 • By Imaginary • 5 months ago
I’m a best of both worlds kind of guy. Why settle? I found out about this product when I was searching for the most popular onaholes on j-list to see what the people thought. This particular item had been high on the best sellers list for a while (and it still is) so I figured I better check it out. ...