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Wuthering Waves Won't Kill Genshin Impact
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 weeks ago

A new gacha has entered the market, which of course means that players were up in arms calling for the Genshin's predicted death. For the uninitiated this exact sentiment already cropped up when Tower of Fantasy debuted. While the game still has some players I'm sure... it's objectively nowhere close to rivaling Genshin Impact, let alone "killing" it. But with Wuthering Waves (WW) on the horizon, will Hoyoverse finally be scared and run for the hills? I doubt it.

WW absolutely has some distinct advantages against other games in this style. For one thing the visuals and animations are gorgeous. I find myself just standing around and looking at environments in the world and pausing to appreciate characters' idle animations. On top of that, the combat is pretty awesome so far. The main way the team built upon the action team formula is by the addition of intro and outro skills, i.e. skills that automatically trigger when you switch characters assuming you have enough meter to activate them. It also has some more traditional action mechanics that Genshin lacks in the form of perfect dodging (which also triggers a special move) and parrying through interrupts. I've only played four characters so far but the combat and visuals have kept me engaged. So get ready to attend the funeral, right?

Holy moly thats a lot of yapping about weird words.

Not quite. For one thing, this game has a massive "new huge gacha game" syndrome in the bug department. I've encountered audio glitches, incorrect subtitles, certain lines of dialogue varying in volume, and a few crashes. Right now the game definitely feels like a AA game where all the budget went to the visuals and combat. which hey since that's the main features involved in exploration, my favorite aspect of the experience, I'm not complaining. But there's clearly a difference in polish between this and Genshin that might turn other potential players off. Apart from those issues, another disastrous factor is the story and the way it's presented. There is so much worldbuilding. Too much. I sit here clicking through most story conversations because they're filled with vague terms and a bunch of nonsense. It tries to tell you and not show you how this world operates which results in boring, drawn-out talks. So far the characters aren't much to write home about either. Everyone is pretty much an anime stereotype with fan favorites like "fiery, upbeat girl" and "stoic blade girl". They look beautiful when striking down foes but I wouldn't want to hang out with them. This is one area that Genshin does so well: creating characters that you enjoy so much you want to acquire them for reasons beyond solely gameplay.

I love her gameplay... just not her.

Honestly I don't see any game "killing" Genshin Impact. It's like anticipating a new MOBA to cause League of Legends to fizzle out. It may reduce its grip on the genre somewhat but there's too large of a dedicated playerbase to be ended. However, I can be certain that WW won't be murdering it anytime soon in this condition. There are too many bugs and too many paragraphs delivering mundane information in horrendously outdated ways. I am enjoying it for what it is though. Hopefully people will realize that a true Genshin killer is highly unlikely and stop making a fuss every time another company wants to try their hand at a gacha game. Have you heard about or played Wuthering Waves? Did you see people expecting it to wipe Genshin Impact off the market?  Will WW at least become a giant in the lewd art world like Genshin? Lord knows it has enough waifus so far to do so. Enter a new world, navigate the Wuthering, and ride the waves in the comments below!