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Would You Suck It?
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago • 88 comments

You're 9S. 2B tells you that she wants you to do something. At this point, you don't know what it is. She starts whispering in your ear to suck whatever is in front of you. You lean forward trying to figure out what's up. She says if you start sucking, for two minutes, you can fuck her senseless afterwards forever and she'll be your girlfriend. You're pretty sure it's a cock, but you can't tell for sure since you can't see through her hand. She says she'll talk to you for the whole two minutes and rub your cock with her hand.  ARE YOU IN?

So here’s the backstory. I saw this picture while browsing around the other day and it immediately caught my eye. I don’t know, maybe something about the way 2B was drawn. Anyway immediately my lonely mind turns this picture into an edge of your seat, make or break decision about whether or not you’d suffer through this situation in the role of 9S in order to obtain sweet sweet 2B partnership for life. And then it hit me. Why not make this an article and see what The People would choose?

Paradise awaits, my friends.

For me personally, I’m fucking in. I’ve been too damn single for too damn long, and a two minute horror session in order to completely skip the dating bullshit and acquire a lifelong partner who also happens to be one of the hottest characters of the last decade is completely worth it. Sucking a little dick is a small price to pay. And I know a lot of people might think “That’s easy to say, but when the shit is in front of your face you probably won’t be so tough about it”. Now this is true to some degree. Allow me to assure you, if 2B wasn’t guiding me through it, I’d be out. Even if the reward stays the same, if I have to suck dick alone in my room by myself for two minutes, I don’t know if I could commit to saying “yes”. However, as long as she’s there to make me feel like I’m not doing this shit by myself, saying the occasional “you’re doing great Snooze”, I feel confident in saying I could make it through the two minutes and ride off into the sunset with my new girlfriend. 

2B is on the table. Sucking a BBC is your task. Are you in? Suggestion: Leave a comment below.