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Would You Fuck Another Man's Wife?
By ImJustThatKinky • 7 months ago

Well, that was a good as fuck read. A sad read for the husband, but a good one nonetheless. I just got done reading This Housewife Makes Sure To Keep A Secret While Her Husband Is Out, and I loved every minute of it. I love the wife, I love the scenario, I loved the dialogue, I just loved it. But while loving it so much, it got me thinking. I would obviously hate being the husband whose wife is getting fucked behind his back, but would I have a problem with being the guy fucking his wife?

Oh no, this is already sounding bad for the husband.

Being a cuck in these stories will always be shitty, but being the shitty guy who takes another man’s wife is also shitty. To be fair, the wife is super horny, and her husband hasn’t been having sex with her or satisfying her sexual needs, so it’s kind of his fault. But that still doesn’t excuse me sliding my big dick self in and fucking the hell out of his wife. 

"Don't mind me. Just sliding my big dick inside another man's wife."

Now if we’re thinking about in real life, I’ll say this. If I know the guy personality like a friend or something of that nature, I don’t care how much his wife begs me to fuck her or how horny and shitty her sex life is. I wouldn’t be able to betray my friend like that. But if it’s some random woman and I’ve never talked or seen her husband before, I might have to say fuck it and fuck her. Yeah, I know it’s still shitty to fuck a women knowing she’s married, but that’s on her, not me. She’s the one breaking the loyalty and trusts of her marriage. I’m just an innocent guy trying to bust a nut. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Would you have sex with another man’s wife? Is it wrong to fuck a married women? Would you try your best to sexually satisfy your wife so this doesn’t happen? Tell us in the comments.