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Would You Do These Jackass Pranks For $500?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Now I know this isn’t anime or hentai related, but you already know that at, we sometimes talk about shit that doesn’t make sense for the site. And that’s why some people love our articles. Today, I’m talking about an old movie that you might have been into when you were younger, and that’s Jackass.

Now I wasn’t like other kids. I never really cared for Jackass, cause I’m not someone who really laughs or enjoys people getting physically hurt. Mentally, sure, but physical comedy never was my thing.

But while watching Jackass 3D with my friends, they brought up something interesting, and something I couldn’t believe. He told me that the people on Jackass get paid $500 per prank or jokes. Now, $500 might sound like a decent chunk for just getting boxed in the face I guess, but how many of you would drink some guys ass sweat, or get other people shit and piss all over you for $500.

$500 sounds hella too low for some of these pranks and stunts. $500 can’t even pay one month of rent. If I’m going to get shit all over me, I’m going to at least need you to pay my rent and water bills so I can take a bath and clean that shit off.

So this is one of those question articles. For me, hell no. I’m not that desperate for money to fucking drink someone’s ass sweat, or get human shit all in my body and maybe have it slip in my mouth. Man, I’m getting sick just thinking about it.

Would you drink someone ass sweat, or get human shit all over you for $500? Do you like physical comedy? Have you watched Jackass before? Tell us in the comments.