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What if Orochimaru Was a Girl?
By ImJustThatKinky • 10 months ago

The start of middle school was a strange time for me as a kid, with my sexual drive starting to develop and all that. Well, Naruto didn’t help me with that. Naruto turning into a girl in the first episode, how was my new horny boy mind suppose to process that. But, that didn’t count, I’m still not gay since he was using some kind of magic to make himself look like a girl. But then you have Haku, tricking ever young boy watching the show into thinking he was a girl. Okay, now I know how this show works, I won’t be tricked again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

Blame it on the tongue.

Yes, we all though Orochimaru was a female character, until he revealed his true form and face.

Sadly, the reveal can’t erase our first impression of him, and I bet Sasuke was also confused at first. Luckily for us female Orochimaru lovers, artist 0Lightsource has us cover, and went back to right Kishimoto’s wrong, by drawing the Orochimaru we all wanted.

Now you all can rest asure that you’re not gay and sleep soundly. And let’s be honest, when you can deep throat as good as Orochimaru , maybe a gay one night stand wouldn’t be so bad. Like my dad always said, “If it’s good head, it’s not gay in bed.”

Did you think Orochimaru was a girl at first? Would you fuck female Orochimaru? Who better, female or male Orochimaru? Tell us in the comments below.