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Top 10 One Piece Doujins of All Time
By Haminahambasket • 6 years ago

(Robin fanart by MiloPanic)

One Piece is one of those series that just feels like it's always been around--and for good reason. This is One Piece's 20th anniversary, as its been serialized since 1997 and it's still going strong. There are 87 Volumes currently, with 813 episodes and 13 movies, and with a series that big a lot of Doujins are sure to follow. Out of the nearly 200 chapters in our collection, here's our picks for some of the best!

10. Through the Wall

Kicking this list off right is Through the Wall, a Doujin that starts with a Zoro and Perona somehow making it to Amazon Island. After finding a place to hide in Hancock's palace, Perona uses her ability to search their surroundings. While scouting, she spots Luffy about to have a 3-way with Hancock and Margaret. Luffy enjoys both of them, and even steps up to Gear 2nd to move fast enough to fuck both of them at once. Perona returns to her body after Luffy finished, where she finds that her body was getting wet and so Zoro decides she wants to fuck.

9. Good Dream Feeling

Sanji typically doesn't get much luck with women in One Piece, but this Doujin starts up treating him to a 3-way with Nami and Robin. The two take turns sucking his dick before eventually serving up the main course. Sanji manages to hang in and fuck both Nami and Robin, and Robin even uses her ability to tag-team Nami with him. Too bad it's all just a dream.


For wearing virtually nothing in the main series, Rebecca has surprisingly few Doujins about her. This one features Rebecca heading to an "Underground Arena", different from her standard Gladiator fights. It turned out to be a trap, and DoFlamingo paralyzes her and costs her the match. Having lost, her opponent is allowed to fuck her as much as he wants while the crowd cheers. Through the ordeal, Rebecca discovers that this kind of treatment makes her truly happy.

7. Hebihime-sama Goranshin 2

During their breakin at Impel Down, Hancock smuggles Luffy in under her clothes. This Doujin plays off that concept, showing Luffy fondling Hancock while being smuggled in. This puts her in the mood, but Luffy complains about being too hungry for sex. Luckily, Hancok smuggled in food as well. The snack makes Luffy "thirsty", which he satiates by going down on the princess. Hancock lets loose during sex, knowing they'll likely be unable to meet again after their mission is over.

6. Namikan

This one is a bit similar to Good Dream Feeling, in that the whole story is a dream. After Ceasar attacks the Straw Hat ship and captures its crew, he tests a new truth serum on her. The serum puts her to sleep, where she has a few wet dreams. The first might be a memory, but it's based around her time with Arlong. She enjoys being molested and raped by Arlong and his crew, and the dream folds into another. This second dream features strange sheep creatures, who she happily allows to fuck her. Nami eventually does wake up from her fantasies safely, but it is good while it lasts!

5. Mero Mero Girls New World

Mero Mero Girls is a series with a few entries to its name. New World was the latest and still most popular entry. It features a legendary party held on the Straw Hats boat, one that served drinks and girls of amazing quality. The legend is true, with Nami, Robin and Hancock hosting it. The girls take their fill of alcohol and cock, though Hancock does need to be convinced to touch other men as training for Luffy.

4. Piece of Girls

This Doujin centers around Robin and Nami, like several other entries here. This one is fairly distinct however, thanks to the depiction of Robin. While hanging out together, Nami is suddenly kidnapped. In an attempt to find Nami, Robin allows herself to be captured as well. After a few days, Nami finally finds Robin, only to see that she's obediently servicing their new captors. Robin reveals that while she enjoyed her time with the Straw Hats, she was never really their friend. It's a bit of a sad twist on Robin, but it plays nicely here.

3. Chotto Matte to Iwaretatte

The World of One Piece is fairly bizzarre, so much so that the concept of this next Doujin isn't really out of the realm of possibility. Nami confides in Chopper to make a special power amplifying Rumble Ball for Robin. This new power comes with just one tiny side effect, giving Robin a fully functional dick. Nami wastes no time getting herself aquainted with Robin's new power, as Robin drowns in the sensations of getting a blowjob for the first time. After Robin gets used to having a dick and gets ready to fuck, she can't decide between fucking Nami's pussy or ass so she just makes a second penis and fucks both at the same time.

2. Gradline Chronicle 1 & 2

This series revolves around Nami, featuring her in a few starkly different stories.

The first is set during the time the Straw Hats spent on Fishman Island. Nami is lounging in a bar drinking Fishman alcohol, which she's warned is more potent for humans. After getting sufficiently drunk, one of the waiters trying to refill her drink accidentally spills some on Nami. She takes the opportunity to have him clean the spill with his tongue. It doesn't take long for them to fuck, and soon after the rest of the waiters join in as well.

The second has Nami in much less control. During a weather experiment, Nami is captured by passing Pirates. These pirates are considering selling Nami into slavery, but first decide to "test" her. Though forced, Nami eventually enjoys the sex and is completely obedient thanks to a special incense the crew have.

1. Nami Robi 

Nami Robi is probably the most succesful line of stories in the One Piece Doujin department. There are a wide variety of stories, all focused around the concept of gangbangs and 3-ways involving the two. The above are just 3 of the most popular entries in this series, be sure to check out the rest of Acid-Head's One Piece stories if you have the time.