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Palword Dating Sim??!!
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

It’s April the 1st, so we all know what that means. Fake news and announcements that might upset you. Well, Palworld just made an announcement, and you might be hoping that it’s them finally giving a release date on when the game is getting out of early access. But nope, it’s just a dating sim.

Now remember, today is April Fool’s, so this most likely will not happen, so if you were excited about this, then I have some bad news for you. But, there is always hope, since Like a Dragon started as an April Fools joke, and it got so much love, that they decided to make it into a real game.

And the funny thing about this announcement is that I wouldn’t be surprised if an indie team is already making a parody game like this. Palworld is similar to Pokemon in many ways, so maybe people will treat it similar to Pokemon as well. Like how doujin artists need to start making Palworld doujins just like how they make Pokemon doujins.

She giving me those fuck me eyes.

Would you like a Palworld dating sim? Would you like to see some Palworld doujins? Do you still play Palworld? Tell us in the comments.