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Nurse Joy Has a Sexual Encounter With Mewtwo
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

Okay all you Pokephilia lovers, Mooni is back to treat you guys to a new female on pokemon audio in the Project Pokeslut series. If you haven’t heard of any of the Pokesluts yet, you can check out her Pokeslut Sonia on Pornhub. And after you’re done with that, listen to Nurse Joy getting pounded by Mewtwo. She was trying to attend to his wounds, only for him to attend to her needs. 

Project Pokesluts: Nurse Joy | Let Me Tend To You, Mewtwo~

The artist for this amazing piece is the always great FreakyEd, but there are two new faces who are a part of this project. The new writer for this project is Swordbladez, while the added ambiance and sound was done by Lewd Audio. Another Pokeslut down, and so many more to go. Do you think we can fuck them all? Probably not, but will never know unless we try. If you want to help fuck’em all, you can considered ordering your own Pokesluts story by hitting up the commission sheet.

You can also follow Mooni’s Patreon for more audio goodness.

What do you think of Pokeslut Nurse Joy? Do you like female on pokemon action? Have you considered getting your own Pokeslut story? Tell us in the comments.