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Monster Girl Funding
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 16 comments

I’m okay with monster girls. It’s not one of my top fetishes, but it’s a good mix up from time to time. But I know that there are some crazy monster girl lovers out there. And you guys will be happy to hear that Japanese Geneticist, Hideyuki Saotome, is working hard on finding a way to make these monster waifus a reality.

Now if you read that little article and got happy, well it’s fake. Sadly, no one that we know of is trying to make monster girls real. But it did get me thinking about how the world would be if monster girls were real.

Firstly, it would have to be almost like plastic surgery. None of us are born with animal parts, so we would have to willingly go to a doctor to have those extra parts added. I’m not sure how many girls would want to have bird wings or a horses ass. Or maybe your girlfriend is freak and would like you to get a horse cock.

Yeah, you might can fly with bird wings. But I still feel like they'll be a pain in the ass.

Also,wouldn’t the law on beastality have to change. I know that beastality is illegal because the animal can’t consent, but I still think that fucking a monster girl would be frowned upon. It’ll be the same as people who are into ageplay. People still look down on them because the act that they’re doing, still goes back to a little girl. Even though they’re doing the act with an adult, the act is representing someone younger. If you’re fucking a monster girl with a horse ass, people are still going to look at you as a guy who would want to fuck a real horse.

I mean, who wouldn't want to fuck this horse ass!?

So I’m not sure how well a society with monster girl, or monster people would work out. But let’s be honest, that shit never going to happen...right?

Would you want to get animal parts? Would you date a real monster girl? How do you think people would view real monster girls? Tell us in the comments below.